Wehrlein: “Williams is my only option to 2018”


The seat in the team from Grove is the most coveted of all the grill for 2018, among other reasons, because it is the only one that is not yet closed for the time being. Williams reckons Paul di Resta, Robert Kubica and even Daniil Kvyat to close their ranks, a list of candidates who has joined Pascal Wehrlein after the presumed arrival of Charles Leclerc to Sauber the coming year.

“I’m trying to sign for Williams for next year, I would say that is my only option for 2018”, confessed the German pilot magazine Auto Hebdo. Wehrlein asegurí “it is difficult to get out of the Formula 1 a year and try again later.”, discarding virtually a maneuver similar to the one that starred Kimi Räikkönen when he left the world of the rallies at the end of the 2009 season to return to Formula 1 in 2012 with Lotus.

The season has been quite difficult for the red lantern of the classification, despite the eighth place they achieved with the #94 in the Grand Prix of Spain, which gave them some encouragement to continue for the rest of the year. “We’ve changed a lot of things because I had a lot of problems with the car, especially with the balance of the car and oversteer. We changed the suspensions, for example”. His team-mate has a sponsor that will guarantee you almost in its entirety to continue one more year in the team switzerland, while he does not run the same fate. “Marcus and I use a configuration similar during a great part of the season, and now we have different specifications. We are getting closer to the middle of the pack, and we hope to finish on a good note”.

however, Wehrlein continued to focus on giving the maximum in the two quotations that remain, and considers that “it would be great to have a good career” in Brazil, since “the weather could help us”. His accident in the Race of Champions when I was competing against Felipe Massa led Antonio Giovinazzi will supply in Australia and China, although Bahrain was a witness of his back. “I’m very happy with the first part of my season, when you found myself once more the pace quickly after my injury. The year was complicated and the gap with the rivals became larger. I hope to have a career similar to that of last year, it was a good weekend to evolve in points for a moment. The time should remain dry Sunday” was the pilot structure Mercedes.