Welcome mestizaje: a Porsche Cayman with engine V8 5.0 source Ford

Motor V8 5 litros de Ford en Porsche CaymanPorsche recently presented the new generation of its two models sport more affordable, the Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman. Among other things, changed their names, as they are now called 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman with the objective of to differentiate it more clearly from the range 911. Not everything is there, and is that the new sport of the German brand have abandoned the thrusters atmospheric six-cylinder.

Both models have turned to a new mechanical four with overfeeding, achieving a consumption that is more adjusted and better performance to have a high torque from low revolutions per minute. This, despite being in theory a clear advantage, has not sat well at all to the purists of the Porsche, who have not seen with good eyes the discarding of the traditional six-cylinder atmospheric.

Motor V8 5 litros de Ford en Porsche CaymanTo our protagonist of today, it seems that he sat too bad the change of the legendary German brand and has decided to take justice into their own account. Jokes aside, in these images we see a Cayman, whose propeller original has been removed. And it is not that they have installed a new six-cylinder, but that have endowed it with a giant V8 with 5 liters of displacement source Ford.

In the power bank, a Porsche 718 Cayman was (totally series) 257 horses to the wheel, while the model prepared with the V8 engine transmitting 424 horses to the wheels. Taking into account that the engine power is higher that the one that came with the wheels, the V8 5-litre, well I would be paying to the output of the crankshaft of approximately 460 horses. An increase is quite remarkable.

should Not be easy to carry out a swap of these dimensions. As we can see, the installed engine has been located literally behind the front seats. In a circuit will not be as effective as a 911, more than anything is the weight distribution that is due to see out of adjustment, but in a straight line I should be paying things complicated. Yes, the one who leads must do so with some good plugs for ears, since they do not it is possible to become deaf simply with the boot with no insulation whatsoever.

Source – Motor1

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