Welcome to autodato.com


From today we have a new name. Welcome to autodato.com


autodato S i’ve been here in the last 24 hours you’ve probably noticed that we were performing maintenance and if you visited our profiles on social networks during the last hours You may have noticed that we now call autodato.com .

After five years the line, we decided to adopt a name generic top-level domain (.com), which unlike a geographic domain as (.ar) with which we operated until now, will enable us to better reach Spanish-speaking users in other regions.

This also meant having to change our name , although we try to make the transition as smooth as possible. From the point of view of readers, both for those who come here every day, and those who come occasionally attracted by the search engines, the transition works automatically . That means that any of the pages of the old domain, they are automatically directed to your counterpart in the new domain. On the other hand, our profiles on social networks were upgraded so that our fans should not make any modification.

try to offer updated 7 days a week information, but we know that we could give you even more . We will continue to improve and grow in this changing gradually and we are inaugurating today is part of the innovations that we have prepared. We will have new partners, through which we hope to further enrich our information flow.

After five years in operation, we can only thank our readers , that from the other side are with us every day .

Autodato.com is now running in beta. That means that some things might not work as they should, but we hope they are not too many.

Is there something you’d like to change? Any suggestions? This is the time to propose, via the comments section of this note.



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