We’ll have more Mad Max: George Miller confirmed two additional films

If you have not seen Mad Max: Fury Road , I advise you to do as soon as possible. The rescue of the Mad Max trilogy by George Miller – his original director – brings 374 million dollars raised globally and has positioned itself as one of the best films of 2015, acclaimed by critics and public. A real and genuine homage to the original series, a project that took to consummate a whopping 15 years. Mad Max for a while we no script for two additional films


The first film of the Mad Max saga was released in the distant year 1979.

George Miller will further explore the post-apocalĂ­tpico Mad Max universe, a world devastated by drought and radiation, presumably after a terrible nuclear war. In this world of cars and gasoline is worshiped as gods, with their flying elements of worship. And you could see this in the current movie Mad Max, but George Miller wants to deepen the universe parallel lines. is too early to talk about spin-offs but the character Furious could acquire more prominence.

madmax_gigahorse-1440px The warrior woman is one of the most enigmatic characters in the new film, despite being the protagonist. Presumably recording the second movie of the new trilogy Mad Max will start soon, and will be a process of hard and tough like that of Fury Road, whose visual effects just use CGI . But before George Miller would make a simple movie without special effects. Did you know that George Miller was the director of “Babe: Pig Brave”?

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