We’ll never do it! This is the result of putting back on more than 100 km/h

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Sure that none of you here present, to you had happened, while you get about a happily with your car on the motorway at over 100 km/h, to put back. I hope so, because if I had gone through the head probably need to go to a psychiatrist. In the video that we leave you a little further down, we see someone who needs medical assistance by a psychiatrist.

In the YouTube channel of AutoVlog have thought that it would be good to check what is happening when we introduce (or try to enter) “reverse” at high speed to circulate in the normal sense. The nerves of the tester prior to performing the operation are more than evident, with a smile fearful. WhatWhat will be the outcome for this Ford automatic? Check it out for yourself.

Fortunately for the life of the engine and transmission of this american car, the transmission does not reach to engage the reverse gear. This is because, for several decades, the transmissions feature a system designed precisely to avoid, by mistake, to enter the reverse when we drive in the normal way. However, we have been surprised that the box of instruments yes check the “R” as the selected position, and even activate the reverse camera once the driver moves the shift lever to the fallback position.

luckily for this Ford Fusion, the security system that we cited have averted a disaster of monumental. Does not exist, we would probably see a retention of the engine is brutal, almost certain, would end with the life of the same. The deceleration would be similar to that of a strong braking, at least in the first moments, then we would not know in what state it would end up this car.

Prueba Ford S-MAX Vignale

In the case of the manual transmissions , it is not possible to enter the reverse gear. In fact, it is possible that once you past that, at low speed, when going to perform a maneuver of parking, for example, have placed the running back just before the car was completely stopped. Surely the lever would not stay in the position “R” and had you heard a noise quite unpleasant (like when we change gear without stepping on to fund the clutch) from the gearbox.

Even if you have already seen that nothing has happened, this is one of the experiments that we advise you to try it. Even less in the situation in which they have tested the protagonists of the video, that is to say, on the open road, where they could have mounted a good mess.

Source – AutoVlog