We’ve got what could be the new Nissan Silvia 2018!

Nissan Silvia

15 years of waiting is what we have had to endure since the end of the marketing of the last of the Silvia. This time, it seems, has done a lot of thinking to the managers of Nissan to put it back on the table the concept. The success of its predecessor, the Nissan Silvia S15, have been led to study the possibility of re-manufacture a model that is at the height of the expectations of fans of the model.

Thanks to the publication of a communication medium japanese, we found out that it could be the new generation of the new Nissan Silvia. It promises what we all expected, rear-wheel drive, two doors, an excellent tuning of the chassis, a modern design and striking; and what is most desired, a behavior purely rácing “made in Japan” that is so craved do you want to know more?…

Nissan Silvia

The latest generation of this legendary model, which dates back to the released version between the years 1999 and 2002; the Nissan Silvia S15 . That car rear wheel drive supposed to be the seventh generation in this wonderful coupe. A model focused on offering purely a sporting character, moving away from the luxuries offered by their rivals. Its greatest asset was a size of a body more compact, which placed him closer to the generation S13.

The S15 was sold with two engines different. One of them, atmospheric yielded a power of 165 HP and the other with turbo. This last developed a power of 250CV with a maximum torque of 274 Nm. Both could be associated to a manual gearbox of 6 speeds. Improved stiffness of the chassis with respect to the S13 and the S14 and improved the braking system and the suspensions and are incorporated a self-locking of the helical-type.

do Nissan Silvia, the “Ave Fenix” brand?

Nissan Silvia

The end of the stock Silvia came in the year 2000, when strict regulations, anti-pollution japanese made it unfeasible to maintain in the market these models. His fault, many of the models that with so much longing we remember until the day of today had to pass on to a better life. One of them, the Silvia, because of their nature, nor was he able to wriggle out of his fate. So, in August the year 2002, concluded its production.

however, today with the improvement of the technique and the birth of hybrid propulsion systems compact, is considering the possibility of the reappearance of this long-awaited model. In fact, the Nissan 370 Z (and before him, the 350 Z) have as their mission to keep alive the spirit of the Silvia (your discussion can lead to a dispute); or so was the declaration of intentions of Nissan…

Nissan Silvia

The concept is there and with him we can say that possibly share chassis with the Infinity Q50; being a variation of the same. However, it poses its positioning in a category something more modest, which will put you in front of rivals like the Mazda MX-5, or the Toyota GT-86. With this advent, we’d have japanese firms monopolizing a segment that the German or american brands have completely abandoned.

On the design, yet it is not entirely clear because there are many versions of how it could be this model. But everything points to opt for a front whose design scheme developed from the “V-Motion”. With this, you could present a back that share elements with the next generation of the Nissan 370Z. On the whole we would be talking about a model with a front very aerodynamic and with marked lines to provide you with an identity of its own before the rest of models of the signature.

In terms of the mechanical part, which will forget about the traditional naturally aspirated engines of 2.0-liter or 1.8-liter turbo-fed… According to some rumors, it is expected to offer a variant of 1.6 liters of cubicaje associated with a manual change to 6 relationships. If we were not wrong a lot, we would be talking about the 1.6 DIG-T that has already assembled the Press and several models of the japanese house. This would involve the incorporation of smallest motor ever fitted to a Silvia since the beginning of its commercialization, in 1968.

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