Wey, the second brand in china Great Wall Motors after Haval

Wey W01

For many years the automotive sector has been very static. It was easier for a brand callera in disgrace and disappear as it happened to Rover or Saab as more recent examples it launched a new. However the arrival of China to the international scene has caused the brand of cars have multiplied in a matter of a decade or two or even three times that we knew.

of Course, many of these brands never make it out of the borders of chinese, but already thickened a by itself saturated the automotive sector. The last signature in seeing the light is the china Wey and comes well recommended by its parent company. Great Wall Motors is one of the leading manufacturers of the country to asian and has agreements and joint ventures with several european brands, however do not want to overlook any plot of its domestic market.

Wey W01

Already launched as the first sub-brand Haval, however, now want to attack another plot of the sector of the chinese automotive brand cars Wey. The firm, of new creation, it plans to launch in its home market two production vehicles by the middle of next year. The vehicles will be based on the concepts H01 and W02, which revealed this week at the motor show of Guangzhou in China.

According to Wey their positioning in the market will be very close to the Land Rover Range Rover, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar. The reason that gives the signature is that his range only consists of luxury SUV and will be targeted at young chinese who have a high purchasing power and have already had a vehicle of the brand (well a Haval or a Great Wall) and now want to ascend a rung in the social scale.

The two models Wey be offered as a mechanical gasoline, and hybrid electric (plug-in we don’t know) and will have a large arsenal tecnologíco. Some of the aids that rest will be warning of lane change, lane keeping system, control, radar cruise and elaborate boxes instrumentation digital style of the Audi Virtual Cockpit. All this is to emphasize its source and target premium in the market.

In a first moment, this brand is not going to leave China, however, the managers of the firm are evaluating several international markets to give the jump and position itself as a brand to take into account for customers from these countries.

we’ll see what happens.

Source – Wey