What $ 200,000 for a BMW M3 E30?Have we gone crazy with the speculation?

needless to say, that there is an authentic bubble with the classic cars and the sports, as you have told it well in the article, “Speculation in the classic car: the ‘ why ‘ of the bubble and how it affects us,” but do $ 200,000 for a BMW M3 E30? Okay yes, is a model whose quotation is not for climbing, a myth, we are in the centenary of the brand, new models M that encourage the first rise of price, but… what leads someone to ask for 200,000 euros for an M3 E30?Do you get to sell it?

The drive in question, this BMW M3 E30, with only 6,012 issues miles in your cuentrakilómetros, less than 10,000 km. This is may be the main reason for shelling out this amount of money, but, is not the only one.

This BMW M3 has pedigree. He served as Pace Car on the circuit of Lime Rock Park and with 200 miles, 320 km, was sold to the pilot David Hobbs (F1, Indy 500, 24 Hours of Le Mans…).

in Addition to is the last BMW M3 E30 destined for the north american market and to make matters worse, even though it is of imagine by your mileage, remains fully intact, has not changed anything.

“Alpine White” for your body, beige leather of the interior… If you liked it you can take a look at this website of used cars.

Recall that mechanically the BMW M3 E30 had a block of 4-cylinder and 2.3-liter cubicaje that developed 195 horses for the u.s. market to be catalyzed, while in the markets in which it was not played 200 horses to the rear axle of course.