What 400 horsepower Audi TT RS? We want to know about the next generation!

The rumors about the future Audi TT RS return to the charge with a series of details that come directly from a distributor of the German firm, rumors that serve to confirm what we hoped, that under his hood to find the engine of 5 cylinder RS3 and its power, overcoming the BMW M2.

Its main rival is the BMW M2, with 370 horsepower and a price of 62.900 euros.

The Audi TT RS would, therefore, doing gala of a block 5 cylinders and 2.5 liters that overfeeding by you would come to a considerable 400 horses. Once more the unstoppable escalation of power would make act of presence, and as you can imagine the new Audi TT RS Plus is willing to go a step further.

The version still more prestacional, the new Audi TT RS Plus (or TT RS Performance as it seems that it could be called), would come with a power of 420 horses. Almost the performance of a BMW M3 in a container more restrained.

Spoiler, new bumpers, new wheels, improved suspensions and brakes, an all-wheel-drive tuned for the occasion, a transfer allegedly in the hands of a gearbox double clutch… but, when do we see?

In accordance with Autobild.de (those who speak of 380 horsepower to the TT RS) we would see this model in April, so that it seems like it will be in the Hall of Geneva.