“What a co-pilot for a long trip in the car? Pablo Iglesias” by Knowing the side petrolhead Bertin Osborne

20:00 we parked the Mazda MX-5 that we’ve been testing for the past few days in one of the streets next to the Lexus dealer in Paseo de la Castellana, and unloaded the equipment, the camera, the tripod… I’m with Juanma and no, we’re not in the middle of a photo session for any of the next tests of motor, we have come to this Lexus dealer to chat up Bertin Osborne.

I Always say that the best of this profession, the best of journalism, is that you don’t know who or where you are going to sit at the table the next day and a good example of this is this quote with Bertin. He is the man of fashion in television after the success of “yours or mine”, in TVE and just today, the rumors talk of his possible departure from the public broadcaster in favor of a new program in Antena 3 or Telecinco.

The dealer is still quiet. For the occasion has been cleared of the usual cars and has been made for the feast that is coming. Greetings of rigour and invite us to climb the stairs to wait in the second floor, where there is already Bertin according to some other well-known face of the tabloids.

We have that already takes a while considering the stakes of the companions of television and media specialized in this heart. Quiet, we came here to talk to Bertin cars taking advantage of that now is an ambassador for Lexus. In fact today we are going to deliver, symbolically, the keys of a Lexus GS 450h that the presenter already driving for a few days.

little by Little the lower floor is filled people. They tell us that in a few minutes we can begin the interview. A drink of water, I had prepared with Juanma the plane of the camera, the sound…

what My first car? A Lancia, Lancia the old beautiful…

entrevista_Bertin_osborne_DM_7Bertin terminates an interview and gets into another. Us greets, accommodates, and in some ways he shows more comfort in knowing that here we have come to speak about engine and not any of the controversies raised with your program, or the alleged change of chain.

A guy like Bertin cannot be more than full of anecdotes, what the memorable inside of a car? Too many, “I’ve lived half his life in a car” points. A bit of a scare, losing a wheel, a herd of cows in the middle of the motorway…

But, what was your first car? Bertin points out to us that don’t remember the exact model, but yes that was a Lancia, “a Fulvia, Flavia…”. Large, coupe and very nice… exactly the car that lost a wheel in one of those anecdotes initials.

Documentándome the days prior to the interview had seen a photo of Bertin with a Ferrari, of course the question about the biggest fads that have passed through his garage was obliged, not only by curiosity, of course, you know what mounts they had passed through the hands of the presenter/singer/entrepreneur, but also because these we could say a lot of the “petrolhead” in Bertin…

Rolls-Royce, Bentley, some Ferrari… what your favorite? A Aston Martin classic, convertible, pointing in addition to that the best cars had had during their stay in the united States, which now gave priority to the comfort rather than sportiness, and to certain problems of space in models of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

what A co-pilot for a long trip in the car? Pablo Iglesias

entrevista_Bertin_osborne_DM_9“I would like to know how you think about many things”. Bertin proposes to Pablo Iglesias as a companion for a long trip in the car, “what in the back seat?” I ask him…

“Charlize Theron”.

And what a memorable trip?Do one of those trips that you recorded to fire? No, the answer of Bertin does not have to do with cars, but with bikes. Malaga to London, London to New York and from there to Los Angeles. A good roadtrip without a doubt.

“The trip more beautiful and fun… in a time where they didn’t have responsibilities.”

But… what to listen Bertin in the car? (remember that in addition to presenter and entrepreneur, is a singer).

“classical Music and movie soundtracks” points us.

Bertin, as the image of Lexus, driving now, a Lexus GS 450h:

“I was before a lot of running…”
. The presenter tells us that now value above all the comfort and of course, the security in addition to the requirements, given its size, a good habitability interior as well as a good trunk.

a Few minutes before you receive the keys to your new car, a Lexus GS 450h, speaks to us as we’ve been surprised by the acceleration of the hybrid. “I Thought it was going to be a pain in the neck and when I’ve tried it I’ve blown away”.

Before you leave us, moving on to posing before the cameras of the press of the heart that await in the floor below, Bertin wields a “we have to review the speed limits… The cars of today 120 are unemployed” but not before pointing to that still preserves all the points of the card.

entrevista_Bertin_osborne_DM_1Close, without dissimulations and the brash that has become so on your personal brand is abandoning us. Ahead a quick cocktail, something to eat, an animated chat with a fellow professional, we come, with the team of Lexus and some other photo of the Lexus GS 450h from the first floor.

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Recording and editing by Juanma G. Camera.