What a deep face wash for DS 3? We may see him in the Hall of Geneva

PSA wants to continue to strengthen the independence of its signature premium, a DS, a DS that might surprise us in the next Geneva with a deep face wash to the DS 3. Coach is responsible to warn us of this.

Your front could receive the more substantial changes:

In 2014 there has already been a facelift which were introduced, among other things, new optical.

according To the above-mentioned british do not we would find ourselves under the skin of this new DS 3 with a new platform, apparently scheduled for 2018, but would an important aesthetic change, a big redesign, which would move your aesthetic to the last strokes presented by the brand, covered by the conceptual model DS Divine Concept.

In your car while we would find also a substantial enhancement qualities, with a new multimedia system.

The range of engines would be in the hands of the already well-known propellants with a wide range of alternatives including no shortage of PureTech 82 and 110 hp and the THP 165 hp, as well as a future alternative sports to over 200 hp. The range of diesel would remain in the hands of the BlueHDI 75, 100 and 120 hp.

We will have to wait to see on the one hand if it is to meet the forecasts, and DS shows us to a renewed DS 3 and on the other to see up to that point comes the evolution to assess if we are before a new generation or a facelift, as it is more logical to think if we take into account the arrival of a new small platform for the coming years.