What a Ferrari F40 in the snow? Do with chains? Red Bull Japan what will make it possible (video)

does Anyone in their right mind believes that the Ferrari F40 is a car that is compatible with the snow? Of course not: it has no electronic controls of any kind, it is propulsion and huge tires sports must digest huge dose of torque. And yet, someone in Japan has decided to go camping – with the stuff on the roof – with the Ferrari F40… the snow. As you listen to it: Red Bull Japan published tomorrow in a video titled “A Day in the Life”, which already we have an interesting breakthrough.

Morning in motor will be published the excursion in the snow this same Ferrari F40 japanese.

it All happened in a cold winter season snowfall in the country of the Rising Sun. No one in their right mind would ever wear chains with rollers in the rear of the Ferrari F40. Maybe what we need is less people in their right mind, who dares to install lights rallye yellow color on the front of his F40 and load a bunch of packages on a roof-rack on the roof, to be later cast to the snow. Look at the wonderful téaser Red Bull Japan has prepared for us.

we Can guess that the video will consist of an adventure on a twisty road winter – in which we will be able to listen to the Ferrari F40 roared as it’s due – and then we will see him riding the tracks and trails of a ski resort. A scenario very unusual for a supercar that is at home in Monza, or other circuits paved. Tomorrow, we will observe “A Day in the Life” in its full splendour.

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