What a new king on the Nürburgring? The Pagani Zonda Revolution would have crushed all records with a time of 6:30

According to the page Love Cars, the Pagani Zonda Revolution would be the new king of the Green Hell. The super sports car of Italian origin would have given a return to the Nordchleife in only 6 minutes and 30 seconds. An impressive figure, 18 seconds faster than the first production vehicle, the Radical SR8LM. Is 17.5 seconds faster than the Pagani Zonda R, which in 2010 achieved a lap time of 6:47.50. The Pagani Zonda Revolution is not a street car, but it is based on a production car. How have achieved it?

The lap record of 6:30 still would not have been confirmed or denied by Pagani.

Before anything else, let us take this data with a pinch of skepticism. Love Cars is usually a reliable source of information, but Pagani has not confirmed the information nor made any official announcement. Secondly, I reiterate, the Pagani Zonda Revolution cannot be driven legally on the road, is a car that only lives on the circuits. Is the successor of the Pagani Zonda R, a version – if it should be – lightened and enhanced from that bestial Zonda. Among other improvements, the engine 6.0 V12 source AMG is even more powerful.

The thruster maximum power develops a whopping 800 HP, with 730 Nm of torque. Thanks to the monocoque ultralight of the Revolution – composed of titanium and carbon fiber – the weight of the supercar is only 1.070 kg. With a bestial relationship power-to-weight, not surprisingly, a level of performance so impressive. All the power goes to the rear axle through a gearbox sequential six relationships. Essentially, it’s a car designed solely with track use in mind.

the price of The Pagani Zonda Revolution is 2.2 million euros, before taxes.

Even with a system DRS of active aerodynamic. In addition to a body kit with diffuser and flat bottom studied in the wind tunnel, to the push of a button you can vary the angle of attack of the rear spoiler, playing with the downforce. The automatic mode leaves the management of the DRS the electronic brain of the car. It remains to be seen if this improved aerodynamics and the 50 HP additional over the Zonda R have allowed the Revolution to be one of the cars based on production cars – the fastest of the Ring.

Even so, the all-time record at the Nürburgring is still standing. It was established in 1983 by Stefan Bellof on board of a Porsche 956, in a qualifying lap. Then we leave with the return of the Pagani Zonda R in 6:47,50, a few years ago. We will be waiting for the official confirmation of this record.

Source: GTSpirit
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