What a safe in your Morgan 3 Wheeler? Yes, a good option to keep safe your belongings

If we talk about Morgan the last thing that you think is in a car practical, even less if we talk about the Morgan 3 Wheeler (see all the details of the Morgan 3 Wheeler, 2014), it has no four-wheel as to ask him for a good boot. Interestingly, and speaking of his trunk, we’ve encountered that the british firm has decided to offer a “safety deposit box” so that you can hide in your 3 Wheeler the objects of value when you leave it parked.

Designed to be hidden under the hood of the Morgan 3 Wheeler, Morgan offers us a series of metal boxes with lock, perfectly integrated with the “guts” of this peculiar aircraft of the second world war without wings.

price of these “safes” is, without including taxes, of just over 170 euros and are available in a catalog of accessories of the brand itself, a catalogue in which, in addition to aesthetic details and involved in making his point, such as flyers or suspensions, there is another interesting option if you are looking for the most practical of this peculiar frame: a roof rack to the back.

Recall that the Morgan 3 Wheeler has a mechanical bicilíndrica of 2 liters cubicaje that develops a power of 80 hp the train later (in which there is only one wheel) weighing the set only 500 kg and providing a unique driving experience.

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