What a Shelby Mustang GT350 supercharged by compressor? Don Hennessey eats the Hellcat!

Hennessey is one of our preparers american favorites. Completely addicted to the power, is famous for its kits twin turbo to cars like the Corvette or SRT Viper. But neither resignation to work with the brand of the oval. On this occasion, presents to us his new Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 HPE800. Its power end is of 808 HP, a detail that would overlook not be exactly 101 HP higher than the power declared by the engine HEMI of the brothers Hellcat from Dodge. A fine trolling does no harm to anyone.

engine-5.2 Voodoo V8 of the Shelby Mustang GT350R is a maximum torque capable of rotating at a rate of 8500 rpm.

The 5.2 V8 from the Mustang GT350 has a ciguëñal plane that allows you to a high regime of rotation. It is for this reason that even supercharged, is able to deliver your 808 HP of maximum power at a tremendous 7.800 rpm. The boost is courtesy of a compressor of 2.9 liters, which fits perfectly on the engine block. If your power os impresses, its maximum torque is also what you will do: you will be able to play with 891 Nm. But it is their power delivery and a contudencia without equal what defines the character of this pack HPE800.

This increase of power is not possible without quite a few reinforcements internal to the V8. Pistons and segments forced are only two details a long list that Hennessey has had to tweak to avoid that the supercharged engine only lasted a couple of newscasts on television. We do not know their benefits, but retain their manual gearbox of six relations and the scheme for the suspensions of the factory, we understand that something reinforced. Aesthetically, it is almost impossible to differentiate one of these Mustang hipervitaminados of a GT350R series.

Only a small emblem to the difference, a simple sticker that anyone could remove in the rear, as well as an emblem on the hood. Hennessey has announced that as the maximum prepare 50 units of Mustang GT350 in 2016, and each of them will spend between 3 and 4 months in the workshop. A substantial wait for a car that is made for enjoyment. Fortunately, Hennessey works in Texas, where the weather is even tolerable in winter, so that these cars can devour asphalt very soon.

Source: autoevolution
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