What a sport of 700 kg with the engine of the Ford Focus RS? Yes, you could be real thanks to Zenos

do you Remember the Zenos E10? a year Ago was born a new proposal aimed at those who want alternative sports radical cut in the size of the KTM X-Bow, or Caterham Seven, now this sporty lightweight constitution, only 700 kg, you could have a new mechanical… directly inherited from the very Ford Focus RS.

In accordance with Coach’s a more powerful alternative could be on the way, an alternative that could be animated either by the thruster 2.0 EcoBoost that uses the Ford Focus ST or by the thruster 2.3-liter that we find ourselves in the vain of the Ford Mustang or Ford Focus RS.

Remember that the E10 currently used as the propellant of the ST, the 2.0, offering two levels of power, 200 or 250 horses, the EcoBoost 2.3-litre seems to be the logical leap to offer us a version more prestacional.

This propellant delivery under the hood of the Ford Focus RS 350 horses, 314 horses in the case of the Ford Mustang equipped with the same propeller, so we can imagine a power of more than 300 horses for the next creation of Zenos.

we Can imagine in the same way changes in your suspension, in their brakes and of course, a price considerably higher 37.735 euros from that part of the version of 200 horses, or 41.550 euros from which part the alternative of 250 horses.