What about a Skoda Octavia convertible? So you see Theo Chin

Skoda Octavia descapotable

In the years preceding the crisis, many were the brands that dared to cast vehicles convertibles derived directly from compact or even cars in the segment B. however, the fashion of the rafter economic has fallen and there are few models for adjusted price with that we can move with the sky for roof. Even the Golf Cabrio, which in recent years was marketed under the name of Volkswagen Eos, has ceased to occur.

Today, it is difficult to find a convertible in economic arising out of any compact of brand a generalist. Still stand roadsters as the Mazda MX-5 or the new Fiat 124 Spider, but few four-seater convertibles and affordable; one of those few, the Opel Cabrio, that comes directly from the Opel Astra of the previous generation. Theo Chin, however, has been “taken out of the sleeve” a Skoda Octavia convertible very eye-catching.

Skoda Octavia descapotable

Theo Chin has taken as a basis, the Skoda Octavia, with the frontal anterior to the restyling that we met a few weeks ago, and what has descapotado. As in all good convertible, in this artificial image has been modified the inclination of the windshield and removed the two rear doors, providing a greater surface area to the front doors, to facilitate access to the occupants.

we will Not lack detail to this creation of an imaginary Skoda Octavia convertible. In fact, we can see how they have designed the two seats in the rear, with a lower height compared to the front, or the caps that cover the mechanism of the hood, or of the hardtop folding, once it is placed. It’s virtually impossible to look at a Skoda with bodywork convertible, and more in these times, where manufacturers are struggling to other segments on the rise and the future with vehicles mounting and driving autonomously.

Source – Carscoops

Skoda Octavia

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