What about my car ITV has expired?

The fear that technical inspection of our vehicle identifies particularly serious mistake if repair is expensive and leads to a large proportion of Spaniards on the roads with ITV expired. But according to experts, this behavior does not correspond to the price of ITV Madrid or in any other region where we find ourselves, that is, with the rates of the review.

¿Qué pasa si la ITV de mi vehículo está caducada? Official studies determined that nothing more and nothing less than two million vehicles travel in our country with the date Vehicle Inspection past, which could entail great risks.

What does not pass the ITV in time?

In this sense, their own and others could be seriously violated security against such behavior. The European Commission will not hesitate to say that negligible 6% of accident generated on the road is closely related to technical errors in our car, damage that could have been cured if it had carried out an inspection.

Economically, the outlet ITV can mean fines ranging between 200 and 500 euros in the event that we are stopped by the police, not to mention that in some circumstances it would immobilize the vehicle in question. Usually it must be borne in mind that fines of 500 euros provided for in cases where driving with a negative control, to overcome all the technical conditions that guarantee traffic . In such cases it is necessary to repair damaged and returned to the station for about two months to confirm the change.

¿Qué supone no pasar la ITV a tiempo? The same provincial traffic will determine whether the current correction is not credited or returned to postpone the period for passing ITV will continue to the floor of the car. Although it is possible in such situations as accident insurance refuses to pay the damage received by our vehicles.

To avoid such dangers, both to our security, our vehicles Third, we must perform the inspection within the statutory deadline. To do this, you only need to consult price of ITV Madrid cheaper and pass the test of fire.

Do not forget that the vehicles have passed the appropriate check centers Citas itv will be forced to incorporate in a visible place in the car where the distinctive character date which must be passed. In the event that the result of any adverse inspection, the car owner has a period of less than two months to resolve the shortcomings identified. In such cases, the applicant may not apply for a new inspection in other seasons ITV.

 pasar la ITV a tiempo The regulatory deadline for inspection depends on the type of vehicle to which we refer. Therefore, for example, motorcycles and bicycles have a period of up to 4 years. Meanwhile, passenger cars for private use from 4 to 10 years, ambulances and public service vehicles up to 5 years and tractors of 8-16 years.

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