What an engine V16 5000 HP? Only the Devel Sixteen is able to mount it

The engine of the Devel Sixteen reaches the to 5,000 CV, the proof is in this video. The V16 was designed by Steve Morrison shows that comes to the unimaginable 4.580 CV (4.515 HP) to 6,900 rpm and 3.519 Nm of maximum torque at 6,600 rpm on a test bench, however this is the maximum that can measure the above mentioned bank so that the manufacturer states that your engine currently exceeds 5,000 CV.

it Is a block of 16 cylinders in V two titanium valves per cylinder, four turbo 81 mm and block and camshaft manufactured also in titanium. The tests have yielded these results at a pressure of 36 psi, but the manufacturer announced that the engine reaches the 3.045 CV and 2.407 Nm to 20 psi “burning gasoline stream, and for use everyday.

No one had hopes of Devel, an unknown manufacturer in the middle east, to come to realize his sporty 5,000 HP when it was introduced a couple of years ago in Dubai. Today demonstrates that it is capable of achieving the promises announced that day.

But the raw power of the engine is not everything in a sports car. We’ll see if the manufacturer gets a transmission capable of handling such a quantity of horses and if these are delivered with the enough security for the pilot, and reliability for all systems of the vehicle itself. The cooling can also be a difficult problem to overcome.

become reality, though there are still a number of doubts about whether the project will be completed, the Devel Sixteen theoretically to be superior even to the Bugatti Chiron in terms of performance is concerned. The sporty luxury French will possess the already incredible figure of 1,500 HP and 1,500 Nm offered by your block 5.0 W16 with four turbos.