What an excellent idea? This Zagato Zale enjoys an increase of power of the 2.600%

Zagato Zale was a microcar power produced by Zagato in the 70’s. It really has been a machine quite unknown, only about 500 units were manufactured in the mid of that distant decade. It was a microcar, that came factory equipped with an electric motor, 4.8 HP, with the that barely reached the 40 km/h. Someone in Texas has decided that it would be a excellent idea to increase your power, to make it a more fun car. This increase of power has been a 2.600%. Glups.

100 HP in a microcar, higher than wide and a little over 300 pounds of weight. Is this how you want to die?

it All started with a Zagato Zale waste, which would have ended with all security in a scrap yard. His owner opted to remove the electric motor and the battery, and mount in its place a tetracilíndrico of about 600 cubic centimeters, from a Suzuki GSX-R600. An engine that produces about 100 BHP of power as a minimum. An increase of 2.600% with respect to your original engine of 2.5 HP. The Zagato Zale is a car very small. Measured only 2,14 meters long – there are basketball players more “long” – and 1.35 meters wide.

In fact, it is more high than broad: its height 1.62 meters makes it as high as a Mercedes GLC, for example. With a ridiculous battle 1,295 mm, 100 HP transmitted to the rear axle are a very bad idea. Specially taking into account that this tiny car barely comes to half-ton. Weighed 495 kilos from the factory, when it was fitted with a heavy lead-acid battery, all lights heavier than a motorcycle engine sports. That is to say, possibly weigh a little over 300 pounds.

The seller posts a video of the car moving through the neighbourhood, 20 km/h as maximum. I also don’t want to go faster.

Its weight-to-power is very inferior to that of a Porsche 911 Turbo S, for example. Terrifying is to say very little. Yes, it has a track width greater than the Zale serial – less bad – and a computer of the braking improved. We understand that your chassis has been slightly reinforced, but uses the rear differential of the series of Zale. In its interior, instead of a roll cage we have two bacquéts, and steering wheel Momo, next to two huge levers with which the brakes are applied and the gearbox of six relations of the Suzuki.

in Addition to tremendously dangerous, it seems complicated to drive. Definitely, our ideal car. The fiberglass body has been restored and repainted, and the seller delivers another Zale in case we need spare parts after having an accident at the time you purchased it. Is to auction on eBay, and the highest bid is $ 2,600 at this time, with 3 days to finish the auction.

Source: BaT
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