What are comparable to the Tesla Model S and the Chevy Bolt? For Steve Wozniak himself


Steve Wozniak next to a Bolt EV.

The past month of September, Steve Wozniak stated that would change his Tesla Model S by the new Chevrolet Bolt, some explosive statements that the famous co-founder of Apple passed through your profile Facebook and in a short time ran through the entire network. Apostillando that the Bolt seemed to resolve some problems that had been identified in his Model S, your everyday vehicle after nearly a decade driving a Toyota Prius.

Soon after clarified that while it seemed like the last electric General Motors, it is certain that both the as your woman prefer to try it before to check that they really fit their needs. And by the looks of it so has been, since the next January 3 will receive its new Chevrolet Bolt.

Although this really has not meant that it has been a waste of the Model S, in fact, recently acquired a second unit of the Model S and by the words of Woz, this will be a model that will continue using regularly.


Wozniak and his wife with their Model S.

The question for us all and that Wozniak seemed to respond with their statements is if there is comparison possible between a Model S and the new Bolt. Are two electric vehicles of high autonomy, but out of the classification of mechanics, do not share too many features. Not in vain are active in segments very different, the Model S remains a vehicle of representation while the Bolt is a compact vehicle.

And is there really where’s the difference to the co-founder of Apple, as the Model S does not have the comfort of daily use yes has any compact vehicle.

To the problems inherent in the size of a vehicle like the Model S between the urban traffic and to find parking, there are other minor details like the height of the Bolt allows a convenient access to its interior. In addition, Wozniak he also declared recently that the inside of the Model 3 of Tesla – the true rival of the Bolt – was not at all to his liking, mentioning jokingly that I wouldn’t know where to leave the sunglasses.


Interior of the prototypes of the Tesla Model 3.

Wozniak has been recognized that acquired the Model S not being a vehicle in the segment representation,, but also as the power most capable in terms of autonomy of the market, something that the new Bolt has been known to give response for the first time since the launch of the Model S, with the advantage of an acquisition cost much lower.

For Wozniak at least, the new Bolt will become your everyday vehicle, leaving the Model S as a model, more spacious, comfortable and suitable for long-distance travel.

Obviously, until the arrival of the Model 3, the Chevy Bolt will continue to be the benchmark in its segment, because at the moment his main rivals did not come close to their figure of autonomy, 380 miles according to the EPA, and more than 400 kms in the cycle NEDC (in Europe). But little actually has to do with the Model S.


Prototypes of the Tesla Model 3.

What evidence the statements of Wozniak is that we are faced with a more than obvious restructuring of the system of segments current.

Up to now, in the eyes of consumers electric vehicles were part of a single segment, the electric, but the rapid proliferation of models will no longer form part of a single classification, and each segment, probably in a natural way, will be split between vehicles with mechanical combustion and electricity.

that Is to say, as you begin to reach the huge number of electric models that are already announced for the coming years, these will be positioned not according to their mechanics, , but according to his typology, as it has been until now with traditional vehicles.


X-ray of the Bolt EV.

In this way we find a market divided into segments common, and these, in turn, classified the models by type of mechanical, that is to say, there will be utilitarian in combustion and utilities or electric compact and compact electric, for example.