What are the 5 most desired by drivers technologies? And 5 that generate less interest?

Each year, J.D. Power makes a series of studies to analyze the interests of the buyers, your satisfaction with a product purchased, or even the reliability of this in the months after purchase. One of the most interesting studies is analyzing the most desired by buyers in the United States, the US Study Tech Choice technologies. For this, a survey was conducted this year in which he met clients who have bought a new car in the last five years, assessing their interest in 59 technologies divided into six categories: entertainment and connectivity, comfort, protection against collisions, assistance to driving, navigation, and energy efficiency. Surprising or not, 3 of the 5 most desired technologies had to do with security . While 5 technologies which generated less interest had to do with innovative user interfaces .

Why pay for extras you do not use? What are the 5 extra to use less?

This study also throws very interesting results, as perhaps illuminating the tendency of respondents to value those more exotic technologies. Curiously, the top 5 includes such rare as night vision systems and painting able to repair itself technologies.

That said,

What five technologies are most desired by American drivers?


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1. Assistant detecting vehicles in the blind spot . Very interesting to avoid injury from an ill-fitting mirror or a dismissal of the driver.

vision-nocturna 2. Night Vision . It is a very rare extra, and only available in some high-end models. These systems show images taken by an infrared camera on the computer screen entertainment. Typically, these systems are accompanied by an image recognition to detect pedestrians and other obstacles and appears on the display.

sistemas-frenada-emergencia 3. systems to mitigate collisions . We speak of systems using different technologies and solve different problems. Systems such as automatic emergency braking in city, or those preloaded emergency braking (but require us to touch the brake to stop) or even to protect the occupants (closing windows, pre-tensioning seat belts, etc.) before an accident occurs.

camara-aparcamiento 4. House of parking . A common bonus today, which has extended the functionality of the rear parking sensor and in many models and covers all angles by cameras peripheral systems.


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5. Painting able to repair itself . Brands such as Lexus or Infiniti used synthetic materials for years enjoyed a certain elasticity and molecular level properties that allow them to correct minor imperfections and scratches, as long as their depth and size is not excessive.

The 5 technologies that generate less interest in buyers

salud-2 1. Assistant health monitoring driver . It seems that the latest fashions, and a development that will gradually gaining ground in our cars, will be the integration of attendees able to monitor our health. Parameters such as weight, state of agitation or keystrokes driver and occupants of the car. It may seem a bit absurd, but these technologies can prevent serious ailments, including heart attacks. See article: Ford investigates technology to help control our health in the car with SYNC



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2. entertainment systems controlled gestural movements. It promises to be the new trend in entertainment systems interfaces. Models like the new BMW 7 Series already recognize hand movements without contact with the screen, to execute commands. See BMW 7 Series iDrive Touch.

movimientos-gestuales-2 3. Settings seats controlled hand gestures . Ditto the previous system, but focused on adjusting the position of our seat.

4. biometric sensors . Links to attendees of health monitoring from the first point.


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5. Interfaces with vibration touch .

Source: J.D. Power
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Why pay for extras you do not use? What are the 5 extra to use less?

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