What are the main distractions at the wheel?


Some drivers even dare with the selfies

When we started driving as novice drivers, all our attention is on the road and in what we do. As we gain experience, we will despreocupando and trusting, incurring many times in actions that pose a serious risk of accident by be distracted driving, that we misled our main target: the road. Distractions behind the wheel are one of the major struggles of the program-Target Zero the MAPFRE Foundation.

30% of the accidents occur because of distractions behind the wheel. The driving is based on three fundamental pillars, as are the visual (look to the road), the manual (bring the hands on the steering wheel) and the cognitive (to focus the mind on the driving). It is not surprising that all drivers, at some time or other, fail to apply any of these three measures by not stopping five seconds to put on the sunglasses, or consult the GPS.

Espejo vigilancia niños

The mirrors of monitoring for kids can be of great help

the rest of The passengers of the vehicle can also be a distraction. Although sometimes it prevents the journey is monotonous, and that the dream make act of presence if the journey is long, some of the conversations or even the presence of children, can pose significant distractions. According to the MAPFRE Foundation, the 75% of drivers who travel with children turn to them. In such cases, it is best to have a mirror of surveillance. A small amount of money can save us a great disappointment.

The manipulation of objects, such as the mobile phone, the browser or the radio are also distractions at the wheel. Of course smoking, especially a cigarette, or find any object in the glove box or some other receptacle, represents a high risk for driving. Talk with the mobile phone also diverts a lot of attention, even with hands-free. The sending of text messages by mobile phone multiplied by 23 the chances of an accident. Eating or drinking while driving is another cause of distraction at the wheel.

finally, the mood also has an influence. If we are nervous, worried or angry, this will impact on our capacity of reaction, and to our way of driving. The problems, at the trunk, as we will pick you up at the end of the journey.

in Addition to distractions behind the wheel, there are still a lot of work to do to make Spanish roads safer and to do this we must put more emphasis on controlling the excesses of speed, consumption of drugs and alcohol. Education and road safety campaigns that are disseminated through various media are of great help to raise awareness among drivers. It is especially the younger the more risks they assume to the steering wheel.

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Accompanying the study and framed in the goal of achieving zero casualties in traffic accidents, Fundación MAPFRE has published a video that tries to make us aware of some of the distractions at the wheel repeatedly by many drivers. Is given to understand that the drivers are still not sufficiently aware of the behaviors behind the wheel when it is much more “natural” to prevent accidents in the home.

Source – Fundación MAPFRE.