What are the main drivers in the World Rally?

If you’re passionate about the world of Rally certainly have in mind what top World Rally drivers recognized throughout his career. In this article we review the top ten.

¿Cuáles son los más destacados pilotos del mundial de Rally?

Ranking the best pilots Rally

1. Sébastien Loeb. One of the most valued and a total of nine titles achieved consecutively. Its passage by WRC infiderente not leave anyone in the history of this specialty. Had an unusually late onset (21 years) to someone who then reap much success.

2. Carlos Sainz. The Spanish proved to be very competitive and is the second rider with the most points obtained in WRC and also the second most capped podium (in both cases, surpassed only by Sébastien Loeb).

3. Tommi Makinen. fin has managed to win four consecutive title. He is considered aggressive and courageous in their specialty.

4. Juha Kankkunen. Another driver of success and then to the World Hand Toyota, although hatching occurred with Peugeot in the middle of the 1980s

5. Marcus Grönholm. has added two titles and has been one of the biggest rivals Sébastien Loeb. With its 206 WRC won his first World Championship rally.

6. Sébastien Ogier. is another great pilots and 2010 were you this year, where he was full potential and that ended with five wins behind.

7. Walter Röhrl. Another myth motorsport road. Although some sins arrogant, proved his talent with two titles.

8. Björn Walde Gaard. The Swedish inaugurated the winners of the World Rally Championship, and won the first drivers title in its history as an official event. He won 16 of the 95 World Cup race he played in his career, and achieved 34 podium finishes.

9. Markku Alen. He is considered the “uncrowned king” and are in sixth place in the ranking of victories WRC, but I did not managed to win a drivers title.

10. Colin McRae. was undoubtedly one of the most charismatic of the history of the rally. He became world champion in 1995, runner-up in 1996, 1997 and 2001 and third in 1998

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