What are the top 10 car brands most valued of the world? Interbrand 2015

As every year, Interbrand, it produces its ranking of the international brands which are highly valued. A ranking in which, from the high part, there are not too many surprises. Apple remains the most highly valued brand in the world, followed by Google and Coca-Cola. But, in terms of car manufacturers, what are the major brands? Toyota (#6) – in addition to being the largest manufacturer in the world – remains the most highly valued brand in the industry, climbing two positions over last year and surpassing Samsung and General Electric.

In the second position of the podium we have to BMW (#11), that ranks as the second automobile brand surpassing Mercedes-Benz (#12), which has lost two positions. Then, Honda (#19) also scale a position and Volkswagen (#35), also decreased slightly.

For the lower part we also have new developments. MINI (#98) comes in the ranking of a total of 100 international brands, reaching the position number 98. The ranking, Interbrand 2015 full of car brands as listed below.

  1. Toyota (#6) – Upload
  2. BMW (#11) – Is maintained
  3. Mercedes-Benz (#12) – Descends
  4. Honda (#19) – go up
  5. Volkswagen (#35) – Descends
  6. Ford (#38) – Go up
  7. Hyundai (#39) – go up
  8. Audi (#44) – go up
  9. Nissan (#49) – go up
  10. Porsche (#56) – go up
  11. Kia (#74) – remains
  12. Chevrolet (#85) – Go up
  13. Land Rover (#87) – go up
  14. MINI (#98) – New


  • And what is the ranking of Interbrand 2015?

    As we already told you a year ago (see Interbrand 2014), the rating assigned by Interbrand, which determines the position of each brand in the ranking, is based on the financial strength of their products, the competitiveness of the brand in your business and the role played by their products in the purchase decision of the customers.

    requirements of Interbrand is that at least 30% of its profits from abroad (that is to say, that is a international brand); have a significant presence as a minimum in Europe, north America and Asia, enjoy a degree of transparency and public availability of their financial reports; and the expectation of a positive balance in their accounts, at least in the long term.

    Source: Interbrand
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