What are your next Peugeot 2008?


Peugeot continues pushing with force and is already working on the next generation 2008

yes, ladies and gentlemen. Peugeot not to. Gives the same finish to bring out a new model, is already running its predecessor as well-demonstrates the first spy photos of future Peugeot 2008. Several months ago the French brand launched on the market the restyling of its small SUV, but this will not last long, because its successor is already in the testing phase.

In a first moment we thought that it was another mule testing in the Opel Meriva 2017, but after looking closely at the photos, we’ve realized that there are certain aesthetic details that do not match the German model. A confusion that is logical if we consider that both will share most of its components.

But not only the future 2008 and the Meriva 2017 will be almost the same, but the Citroën C3 Picasso 2018 also add to this alliance signed by the Group PSA and Opel for the development of shared models. The three will have the same base, the same technology, but each will have a different design.


To share platform, the three models will have a few measures that are very similar to

we Notice that we are faced with the Peugeot by the morro. If we take a look at old photographs of the Meriva 2017 we realize that the front doesn’t fit, resemble, but are not the same. In the case of the Peugeot shows a grill top, completely different to the one that we see in these spy photos.

Obviously, it would be the last of the trio to reach the market. First what will be the Opel, closely followed by the Citroën, for later, with much time difference, it appears the Peugeot. A span of time bound by the simple fact that the restyling has just reached the market, with a starting price of 16,500 euros.

Thanks to that we know many things of the Meriva, we can begin to draw conclusions of the future 2008. The platform is shared, but not the engines. Peugeot will pull its fantastic range PureTech and BlueHDi. Mechanical very similar to those already wears, but with certain improvements in issues of performance, consumption and emissions.


The rear still has the tentative elements, such as the headlights

Is soon to determine more detail, but it is a reality that the future Peugeot 2008 is already underway. The bulging contents of camouflage prevents us from determining with accuracy the final design, but at least we can see that it will be completely different from the current one, with some headlights that are more in line with the latest designs from Peugeot.