What ban France internal-combustion engines in 2040?

France is determined to eradicate the diesel and petrol engines in the year 2040 and will do everything possible to ensure that their sale is not feasible. They want to be neutral in CO2 emissions in 2050.

Andn the final hours of the French minister of “ecological transition” Nicolas Hulot claimed that the country has the intentions of eradicate gradually the cars equipped with internal combustion engines in both petrol as well as diesel in the year 2040.

The action plan presented by the French minister envisions several topics, among which are to put an end to the exploitation permits for oil and gas, as well as to eradicate what he calls “energy poverty”.

The minister explained to the press that lto the intention of the government is to achieve ending up with the commercialization of vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines by 2040, but that does not mean that it will prohibit its sale, but on the contrary the government will do everything in their power to make the demand for cars with petrol engines and diesel end of life.

of course, the changes will not be abrupt, but will occur gradually. Five years from now, will even the prices of the fuels, in such a way that a litre of diesel costing the same as a liter of gasoline. Anyway the idea of complete elimination of the gasoline and diesel oil within a period of just 20 years looks like a proposal perhaps too ambitious.

The French government also proposes to provide financial aid for those who do not have sufficient resources to acquire a vehicle powered with alternative energies, through a plan that provides for the delivery of their old vehicles; the gasoline prior to 1997 and the diesel up to the year 2001.

Athens, Madrid, Mexico and Paris shall prohibit diesel engines in 2025

The French president Emmanuel Macron you want your country to lead the fight against climate change, with the purpose of achieving to form a country neutral in regard to CO2 emissions by the year 2050, that is to say that will emit the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere than can be reabsorbed through the woods etc

Hulot “believes” that the car manufacturers of your country such as Renault, Peugeot and Citroën will be able to make the transition from the current gasoline, diesel, and hybrid market exclusively electric vehicles.