What better or worse? So it could have been the look of the Bugatti Chiron

to Create the Bugatti Chiron has not been easy for the Volkswagen Group. to Give respite to the Bugatti Veyron and all its pomp it needed a leap of scale in all aspects, especially in what design is concerned to take a step beyond that image of exclusivity and superiority that holds the signature. But before we get to the final design of the Chiron, which as we all know, there were many sketches and ideas, finding today that could have been the final design of the Bugatti Chiron.

bugatti-chiron-2016-mas-13During the process of developing the new Bugatti Chiron asked the best designers of the Volkswagen Group to show their ideas of how it should be for the replacement of the Veyron. This project had as a purpose to generate a brainstorming, where the new Bugatti will create from different points of view. In Bugatti knew that was not going to be exactly easy to give respite to the car, records that he dreamed of Ferdinand Piech, and so had to take advantage of all your resources.


Huge air intakes that hide in their interior the floodlights

Although there were many sketches that came at the hands of the executive of the German group, perhaps some day to see all of those ideas, today I present to you is the design of Sasha Selipanov. This design that we can only know his front could have been the front of the new Bugatti, betting on a minimalist design and aggressive where the lights almost go away completely to give all the attention to a calender of the most emblematic and air intakes gigantic. In fact, it is curious to see how the rear of the Chiron is much like the front of this concept.

Bugatti Chiron conceptit is Also fair to note on this design as Selipanov was inspired by the history of Bugatti to enter a tailgate real, specifically a glass back with a physical separation such as the Bugatti 57 Type 57 SC Atlantic 1936. If your front impresses by its proportions, it is a pity that you can’t see the final design of the rear, where a good insurance Selipanov did not disappoint.

what about you, do you prefer the final design of the Bugatti Chiron, or you stay with the inspiration of Sasha Selipanov?

Source: Carscoops