What brand owns this car?

have been able to witness something unusual travelers who roam Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport during the month of July. Among the many different cars on display, there is a model devoid of any logo or identifier producer who it belongs to, you will see a video of the most fun? Then read on.

skoda coche en el aeropuerto “What brand is this car?” is the question posed in, next, the LED displays for the curious guessing of the key features car belongs which brand.

The sample selected for this initiative are none other than new Skoda Superb . Situated in boarding area B of Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport, on a characteristic signature white platform, travelers interested can participate guessing brand through a tablet. They should only enter the name of the firm. Many were surprised to realize that there was a SKODA.

Participants could enter a drawing for a weekend aboard the new generation of its flagship model to experience the maximum benefits of this Superb .

What do you think about it all lead?

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