What can we expect from Cupra?, the new independent brand of Seat

the news of The day that we all been caught by surprise is the launch of CUPRA as a brand completely independent of Seat. Months ago, in the middle of last year, we we informed of a few leaks that were beginning to anticipate what has today made official, as a few logos and the name CUPRA is registered in a patent office.

cost Us believe it, because the Volkswagen group is not very of doing “experiments”. The case is that today, January 31, 2018, made a few hours ago, a press release was official creation of this new brand separate Seat, also presenting its new logo, a new website and a video teaser, although, as I told my colleague José Antonio in this other article, the information was very brief.

Seat, who has communicated the launch, we placed the February 22, for the official presentation of the brand new CUPRA, while we guarantee that the first models of the newly created signature will be revealed in march, during the next Geneva motor show. The expectation is maximum, as we all have many want to know what is really Cupra, how will be in focus and what will be their models and features.

What can we expect from CUPRA?

Luca de Meo was the architect, several years ago, the launch of Abarth as a separate brand from Fiat, as previously, I worked for FCA. The strategy with the mark of the scorpion has been a success, differentiating noticeably a few other products and giving the muscle and Latin passion to the brand of sports vehicles, on the basis of the cars of Fiat.

Can we expect something similar in the CUPRA? Everything seems to indicate that yes, and now start to cuadrarnos some things and statements that we did not understand months ago. We brought hands to the head when Seat stated that we would not see a Seat Ibiza Cupra. Why?, we wondered; if the Ibiza is the car more youthful and sporty of the history of the brand and, in addition, its base allows you to create a sports product. Now, it makes sense.

we must Also remember that on several occasions, have ceased to see mule tests and any unit with very little camouflage that seemed to be a Seat Ateca Cupra practically in their last days of development, having spent many months -over a year – and without having received even a single information or confirmations for future release on the part of the Seat.

a Few weeks before firing past 2017, presented and launched a Seat Leon Cupra R limited edition with 310 HP, which makes it instantly in the vehicle of most powerful production of the Spanish home. In addition of that extra power (10 HP more), I received a few logos, and a multitude of details in bronze colour, as well as a starting to point more prestacional. The Leon Cupra has spent several years in the market, so for them would not be a good product to start the launch of a new brand.

What models will mark Cupra?

considering the above, what models can we expect in the brand new CUPRA? I wish I knew for sure. In any case, the name of the newly born firm has always been linked to the versions more performance of the Seat. In fact, the word comes from Cup Racing, as you already know.

we should Not rule out models with body SUV, precisely because the Seat Ateca Cupra that we cited above has many ballots to be one of the first members of the brand, being named most likely as a CUPRA Ateca. Practically, we can ensure that this compact SUV or urban Ibiza will be the first model of the new company coming to the market, with about 300 HP from the engine 2.0 TSI, DSG and all-wheel-drive. We believe that in a few months also , we could see a new CUPRA Ibiza, which would be around 200 or 220 HP and he would fight you with cars such as the Peugeot 208 by Peugeot Sport.

Practically the same we would expect for a CUPRA Arona, and it is that lately there is nothing implausible in the SUV category B with high performance. And if not, take a look at the Juke Nismo. In addition, the Arona is the latest crossover that has seen the light in the Seat, and your “commercial novelty” might also be exploited by the brand new sport to begin with even more force.

having regard to the details in bronze colour of the Leon Cupra R before cited, and the video and images presented in the official statement, is very likely that the models of this new company use of this hue in their logos and on some of the “additives aesthetic” sports, being the the reference color to the mark.

on the other hand, we should not wonder that, in the future, although we do not believe that start, official dealer split the brand Seat CUPRA, looking for a greater differentiation of brands. It is more, nor it is unreasonable to think that within a few years, let’s look at exclusive dealer of the new sports firm; following the recipe made by Abarth. Yes, we will have to pray because the prices are as accessible as they always have been.

If you are able to keep prices attractive to their models, and if they make a big campaign launch with marketing and advertising, showing the mediterranean spirit and sports that has always characterized Seat and tango like today, have a good part of the work done. And we refer not only to Spain, but to throughout Europe. What could become the models of the CUPRA in the sports multipurpose and distinguished more economic in the market? We’ll see.

we Now have 22 days ahead of expectation until the new mark is displayed in a formal manner and start to tell us more details of what is to come. Models, strategies, campaigns, prices, approaches, distinctions, products, ranges, production, sales targets… We have many things practically clear at 100 %, but even so we have a great sea of doubts. Seen all this, on the 22nd of December we will go to clarify all those unknowns that surround us.

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