What can we expect of the new BMW M5 F90?

BMW M5 F90 render

Recreation of the new BMW M5 F90

Will be this year when we know the new generation of the BMW 5-Series (F90). Which currently is the berlin’s oldest BMW will be the day to compete face-to-face with what is now one of the most technological on the market, the Mercedes Class E. To achieve this, the BMW 5 Series, the F90 will use many of the technologies already premiered in the BMW 7 Series. The maximum banner of the new 5 Series will be the BMW M5 F90, the model is more sporty and radical that it will come somewhat later than conventional versions.

Is without a doubt the BMW M5 the version that most interest among the followers of the brand. What can we expect from the new sports sedan?. Our co engine.is have been able to obtain some information that put us on the track of the steps of the new BMW 5 Series, F90, but also of the desired M5 of new generation.

More lightweight, with 600 horses and traction xDrive


BMW M5 30 Anniversary

After years of climbing power without restraint, the new BMW 5-Series and of course the M5, take the latest technologies of lightweight construction used in the BMW 7 Series. A greater use of high-strength steels, aluminum and polymer-carbon fiber allow the BMW M5 can reach out to to weigh up to 100 kilos less than the current model, which would have a positive effect on its dynamic behavior, the performance and efficiency.

Fortunately it seems that the reductions will not reach the engine. The BMW M5 F90 will retain the engine V8 biturbo 4.4-liter of the current M5 F10, but conveniently updated. It is a relief to know that the V8 engines, although no longer to be atmospheric, they will continue cheering on one of the models most iconic BMW. For a moment he feared for the downsizing, believing in the possibility that the M5 may have a six-cylinder engine in line.

xDrive BMWIn any case, the new BMW M5 F90 does not have more than 600 horses, which is the highest power that the current M5 has gone on to achieve with the special edition of the 30th anniversary. Furthermore, an M5 F10 standard has 560 HP of power, rising to 575 with a package of high performance. With 600 HP, the model of the Bayerische still remain in the line of its rivals, but if the M5 fell behind, it would not be uncommon to see a response from BMW with more than 600 horses.

that if it will be a significant development for the BMW M5 F90 is the possibility of equip all-wheel drive xDrive. With the all-wheel drive system, the M5 will even be a faster car and cash, although not lose the characteristics of a model of propulsion, as the system will be developed exclusively for the M5, with a greater distribution to the rear axle. The gearbox will be automatic dual-clutch.

BMW i8 faros láser

Headlights laser in the BMW i8

in Addition to the assistances to the driving and comfort features are more advanced, both for the 5 Series as the BMW M5, there will also be some interesting technologies in the field of lighting, as the headlights laser and OLED technology for the drivers rear.

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