What car goodbye forever Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear circuit?

Although Jeremy Clarkson is no longer contractually bound to the BBC – and in fact, is planning a new show with James May and Richard Hammond – still had access to the track Top Gear in Surrey, UK. Until yesterday. Yesterday was his last opportunity to drive on a track that we must countless hours of entertainment. Clarkson had to say goodbye to the height of his track, so he had to choose between three cars. What choice? A LaFerrari, a Mercedes-AMG GT or Ferrari purist 488 GTB ?

In the formation lap aboard a Volvo XC90 Clarkson is visibly sad.

The answer is not clear, but Clarkson himself has said that is what happened as a dwarf on his last lap , making a huge skid in Chicago curve. Visibly sad after leaving the circuit – and without telling us which car was used – British presenter announced this last lap achieved great collection for a good cause . It is not yet clear where we see this latest feat of Clarkson, but rest assured that will be posted in motor as it is known.

vuelta-clarkson-top-gear-1 The black LaFerrari images belongs to Nick Mason – Pink Floyd drummer and friend of Jeremy Clarkson – I would have left Clarkson for his final flying lap. I think the LaFerrari is the car that Clarkson used for this last lap 488 GTB is a much less special car and I’m sure the press department of Mercedes in UK You will have no problem cede GT asking. On video soon as we have the last lap we will let you go.

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