What car modified pilotarían the protagonists of Star Wars?

Star Wars. If you don’t know that the Episode VII premieres in a little over a month, definitely don’t live in this world. The long-awaited sequel of the original trilogy will be the amazing media of the decade. Although you do not have a lot of relationship with the world of the automobile, at CarWow have been asked what car modified pilotarían the protagonists of Star Wars. And we have offered a selection of renders of the more sympathetic here we collect for you. They are all here, from Darth Vader to the ineffable Jar Jar Binks.

Ugly, senseless, with eyes jumpy and a failed sense of humor. Words that have described both the Nissan Juke – negated by its commercial success – as Jar Jar Binks, one of the characters more stupid premiered in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Take a look at the paint, its rust and its tongue is out, supporting harsh penalties, the heat of Tatooine. Possibly the car more accurate than this entire article.

Boba Fett is a bounty hunter, and as such need a car hard, armored, and that instills fear in their opponents. The Mercedes G-Class is the ideal choice in this aspect, in this case with a body kit from Mansory and colors similar to the helmet of the bounty hunter. Is in its sauce in a desert environment, chasing Han Solo.

Darth Vader without a doubt pilotaría a BMW Z4 as this in the halls deserts of the Death Star. Its body kit has a front bumper type locomotive, to play with the respirator of his mask. The interior of the car is not visible, to do this you should raise your visor obscured, revealing only to his owner, an interior bare type Speedster. Instead of the logo of BMW, we found a small Death Star.

do You remember Darth Maul? The Sith The Phantom Menace is a master in the use of force, and his appearance was intimidating because of the horns which had scattered his head shaved. Your car is a Honda NSX, painted in colors of red and black, with a sharp body kit that enjoys abundant sharp edges and fins. In addition, it has what looks like a stand for your lightsabers.

imperial soldiers fans of the engine also have the right to enjoy the high performance of an Alfa Romeo Giulia. Take a look at your body white and the hood modified in the image and likeness of the helmet of the “stormtroopers”. Their rims are similar to those that took the Audi 80 of the championship IMSA GT, of intimidation and of the appropriate color. I just hope that is a little more accurate than your aim.

If you call yourself a Luke Skywalker and have lived on Tattoine, and you grew up driving a light Land Speeder possibly need in your life to a Mazda MX-5. Light, manageable, and possibly with a train propulsion space than anything we know. Take a look at their white and red colours, as well as your body-convertible, ideal for enjoying the “caloret” of the desert.

Han Solo is the owner and builder of the Millennium Falcon, according to George Lucas, a hall of philosophy hot rod. An old cargo ship that is docked in the largest engine possible, which is able to escape the destroyers imperial with ease. It is a matter of logic that his favorite car is a Dodge Charger Hellcat, whose calender mimics the nozzles of the Millennium Falcon. Just missing Chewbacca copilot.

finally, what pilotaría a pilot of X-Wing and Snow Speeder as Wedge Antilles? it Is clear, a Lamborghini Countach specially prepared. A car is similar aesthetically to the two ships, and if we add several spoilers, and a laser rifle, is a perfect combination.

Source: CarWow
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