What cars are the best and worst light? the IIHS says

BMW Serie 3 faros halógenos

halogen Headlamps for the BMW 3 Series

lights of our car are an element of active safety extremely important, and we don’t pay the attention that they deserve. See and be seen is important to reduce the chances of suffering an accident, so it is important to have in our car with a good lighting system and keep it in good condition. Beyond that, there are cars that deliver better than others. Want to know what cars are the best and worst light? The IIHS american has conducted a very interesting study.

The IIHS has compared no less than 31 vehicles of medium size that are marketed in the united States. The results of the study by the IIHS are curious, as showing that a more expensive car is not necessarily better illuminated. We found that the Toyota Prius + is the car that best rating has been achieved, the be described as the illumination of its LED headlights as good. You have to be careful with this information because regulations approval are not the same in the united States and Europe, so that there may be variations.


The IIHS has tested 31 cars, but some of them with more than one lighting system, so that in total we have tested 82 lighting systems. Of them, only 11 have achieved an acceptable outcome, while 9 have been qualified as marginal. There are 10 models that can only be purchased with a few lighthouses classified as poor. The Toyota Prius + is a car that best illuminates.

the tests conducted by the IIHS to lighting systems

comparativa luces cocheThe IIHS has conducted a series of tests to analyze the headlamps of each one of the cars in their research center. The tests have been done in the darkness in the circuit of testing of this organism in north america. A device capable of measuring light has been the manager of analyze the lights long and short of these 82 cars when driving in a straight line and in curves to left and right side with different angles. It has also studied the level of glare from the headlights of the short reach of every one of these cars.

At the time of effecting the ratings, have more importance in the headlights (to be used), and visibility in driving in a straight line, since the majority of accidents happen in places straight. The operation of the wizard-road light also influences the note.

Although we think that the xenon headlights are better than halogen and the LED are better than the xenon (which is usually the case), this study does not discriminate according to the technology and all are based on the same patterns, looking for the maximum illumination and less glare to other drivers. We demonstrate in many cases that some systems with technologies more simple light up better than other more advanced.

The cars best-and worst-illuminate

toyota-prius-+-restyling (1)

The Toyota Prius + with LED lamps is the car that best illuminates

The study has found that the Toyota Prius + is equipped with LED headlights and the wizard lights of road is the car that best illuminates. With halogen lights it is rated as poor. According to the study, this model allows to circulate to 112 km/h e to identify hazards early enough to slow down, while in other vehicles it would be necessary to circular 80 km/h.

Among the 44 cars qualified as poor lighting, the worst of all is the BMW 3 Series equipped with halogen headlamps. However, this model with LED headlights with adaptive and assistant road light, only improves the note up to marginal. The study also demonstrates that a lighting system adaptive is not always better, since the Cadillac ATS, the Kia Optima and Mercedes C-Class get note poor despite having directional lights. In the case of the Optima emphasize that the problem is that dazzles in excess of other drivers.

at The bottom of this link it appears the list of cars tested ranked based on their best note. Choosing the model and selecting in the left sidebar under “Headlights” we can see different graphs and scores for each one of the lighting systems available in the 31 models tested by the IIHS.

Source – IIHS