What cars from the real life to lead with the superheroes?

If superheroes had to choose a real life coach for your daily commute, can You imagine which would it be?

Bugatti-Chiron-Superman have you ever thought that car in real life could lead to the superheroes? Well, apparently the guys from Carwow occurred to them to imagine which would be the right coach for some of the most famous superheroes in the world and put their digital artists to work on it.

Dand that way they imagined Batman aboard a BMW M2, because thanks to its compact size and great power would become an ideal partner for the overcast. Of course the M2 received some improvements to adapt it to its new use.

Superman dreamed a Bugatti Chiron, in particular for a man who is accustomed to flying at high speeds. His body is decorated in blue, red and yellow, colors that extend to the wheels, the headlights and grille, where we can see the insignia of Superman.

If Spiderman had to choose, perhaps I would opt for a Ferrari 488 Spider.

Between the girls, the Wonder Woman received a Lamborghini Hurricane, decidedly a lot better than their usual vehicles invisible and definitely better for pedestrians distracted. The car is decorated with red and blue colors of the traditional Wonder Woman, perfectly contrasting with the golden color of your alloy wheels.

Then there is the Captain America. And what car could I get this super hero Yankee? Of course, a Ford Mustang GT350R, a true icon of the us, ideal for Captain America to fight against the evil, with the help of the V8 engine 520 HP of the GT350. Another one that is imagined with a muscle car is Iron Man with your Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and rigor to the truth as we are used to the lord Stark us dazzle with their cars, although this may not be your traditional Audi R8.

To this height, maybe you’re wondering which is the car chosen by Spider-man. Well, spider-man has opted for a Ferrari 488 Spider, ideal for passing through the congested streets of New York, always and when not decide to go flying, of course.

, Thanks to the imagination of the designers, we can also enjoy the cars chosen by Wolverine, Deadpool, Hulk, and Aquaman. We invite you to enjoy in the gallery of photos attached to the foot of this article.


Author: Adrian

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