What crisis? What crisis? The amazing world of sports and luxury accessories

Today we keep hearing people who do not hesitate to say that the latest iPhone is too expensive or that fine watches are not available to the economic possibilities of anyone. But the world of luxury , where money moves with enthusiasm and imports more exclusivity and product image that the price you have to pay for it, the situation is quite different.

Manufacturers of consumer technology, watches, jewelery and accessories realized the potential of seeing her reflection in sports and luxury cars.

speak of bracelet watches as valuable as many sports . I speak of mobile phones that can match its price of a new car and very well equipped. The relationship between high-end cars, sports and luxury products and technology is increasingly close. The jewelery and watch manufacturers are increasingly aware of the potential of seeing his reflection on brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce or Bentley.

ferrari-f40-f50-enzo-laferrari-1440px In recent years we are witnessing the arrival of some of the most impressive and exclusive ever made in a long time sports. Ferrari surprised us with its new sports, LaFerrari , and not only by name, but by the fact that only 499 units are to be made and all of them were awarded in a few days. The owners were not the ones who made the first decision of purchase, it was Ferrari who offered them an opportunity to access this drive. Ferrari to take into consideration the possibility of making us with this sport should have credited our condition customer VIP , and that condition required to have acquired several sports of the House of Maranello in recent years, including a special edition.

Hublot and Ferrari worked together to develop a more expensive mobile phone that many houses.

Still, LaFerrari owners have had to invest over one million euros and dollars in your machine. Understanding prices in moving these products is not surprising that Hublot and Ferrari desarrollasen together as impressive as to cost more than $ 300,000 (over 250,000 euros) clock. It was a limited edition of 50 units, such a unique and special product likely reach revalued over time. And no wonder, therefore, that Hublot adjudicase all. If a customer is willing to pay more than a million euros in a sport, why would not I be in such amount disbursed by a clock that can only look on her wrist 49 others All world?


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The Hublot MP05 “LaFerrari” is built on sapphire and titanium and has a total of 637 mobile components with exquisite precision to mark the hour. This watch has a power reserve of 50 days, a record for a kind Tourbillon watch. In any case, most of us mortals surprised to know that there is an audience willing to pay the price that many invest in a house, or even in a wristwatch.

Vertu provides Bentley with a more expensive mobile phone than a well-equipped utility.

Beyond luxury and exquisite fine jewelry, in technology, companies like Vertu have managed to ally with luxury automakers to offer added value to their products. Vertu mobile phone is as expensive as an ordinary utility. Technology is advanced, but not higher than a good new generation smartphone. And yet there is a loyal clientele who surrenders to the exclusivity and attention to detail of its products.

ferrari-complementos-lujo-6 The Vertu line for Bentley provides the ideal place for those who presume to park the latest model of Bentley in his garage addition. We talked about mobile phones available from € 13,500 or $ 16,000 assembled titanium and leather coverings. Also very limited, to a maximum of 2,000 units products.

Sometimes the relationship between the manufacturer and luxury car brand is closer if possible. Tonino Lamborghini brand is the firstborn of Ferruccio Lamborghini founded.

Sometimes there is also an even closer relationship between the manufacturer of luxury, technology and accessories and builder of sports. This is the case of Lamborghini and product lines Tonino Lamborghini . In the eighties, Tonino firstborn of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s founder, decided to launch its own brand of fashion and accessories and to repay the family pride, last name, and shield the bull that throughout history They have looked tens of thousands of sports fans by his father to bullfighting.

24 HEURES DU MANS 2014 Tonino Lamborghini is a brand that not only has license to market products under the name and emblem of Lamborghini , but also creates products that try to increase the spectrum of buyers beyond the type of customer that accumulates in your garage sports a collection worth hundreds of thousands of euros or dollars.

There is a world where the price of the product is not as important, is almost insignificant when compared with the exclusivity of owning it.

Today you can buy a phone Lamborghini by just a few thousand euros, for a very affordable price when compared with the products of Vertu or Hublot. Tonino Lamborghini produces not only technology but also watch sunglasses, ties, gloves, jewelry, bicycles , and even sofas. Who would not want a Lamborghini couch in the living room?

ferrari-complementos-lujo-2 But definitely if anything has become clear in this article, it is that there a world of luxury and ostentation fits perfectly with the spirit of a builder of luxury cars and sports. A world where the price of the product is not as important as the exclusivity of having it. A world that, fortunately or unfortunately, is not reserved for us poor mortals.

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