What do you need a motorcycle helmet to be safe?

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Today, see circular a driver with helmet is, fortunately, the most common. Not so long ago that almost nobody used, especially in small towns. Is more, the authorities also insisted too much that the citizens could use it. At present, you will see a motorcyclist (or passenger) without a helmet attracts a lot of attention.

however, if we look back, not so long ago that the use of the approved helmet was just a suggestion; was not mandatory until the year 1992. The research say that, in the event of an accident, to be worn and correctly fastened reduces a 30 % the chances of death and a 70% injury severity.

To learn about the history of the motorcycle helmets we have to go back to almost 100 years ago. A surgeon realized that his patient would have saved life in case you have taken a protective helmet, something that was demonstrated with the british army a few years later. Moving forward a few decades in time, if you have seen pictures of older drivers the motorcycle world, such as Angel Nieto, you will recall that the helmets only covered the skull and they were leather. It was Giacomo Agostini, 15 times World Champion, who would for the first time the full-face helmet.

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The evolution in terms of safety for motorcyclists has been very large, similar to that experienced by drivers of cars. It is time to speak of the this. Today there are a multitude of types of motorcycle helmets, the most secure and recommended whole grains. With this article we want to know some details you should check at the time of purchase and/or use a helmet.

If the helmet is not approved, nor given

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the helmet should be approved, something that we will know quickly looking for the tag with the letter “E”. With this we make sure that this model has been subjected to (and passed) the tests of strength minimum established in the regulations. If you sell, give away or lend a helmet without approval, no one can guarantee you that you will be able to withstand a blow. In addition, the authorities may sancionarte, although that should be the least worry.

do Not buy second-hand

A helmet that is good and light, costs a lot of money, so much that we can go to 1000 euros. We recognize that it is an amount of money that not everyone can assume. In any case, if we do not acquire a helmet that is very high end, we should not resort to the market of used, so we don’t know the “history” of that helmet. You may have structural damage although the outside is not noticeable, so that it is unusable. Remember that in case of fall (and the helmet hit against something) we have to change it.

Where the integral, which is removed from the other

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motorcycle helmets greater protection ensure in case of accident, as we have quoted above, are comprehensive. Cover the entire skull, face and jaw, that is to say, the whole head. It is for this reason that they are, by far, the safest on the market. In addition, in the case of a fall are more resistant to a helmet-type Jet. On the other hand, tend to be the more aerodynamic when we road, so that the air will not push our head back nor should we have vibrations at high speed. The negative side is they are more uncomfortable and hot to circulate through town.

Good venting

One of the worst things that can happen to a motorist is that your helmet is fogging. The fog occurs due to the temperature difference between the inside and the outside. On rainy days or in low temperatures, the moisture that we produce with the breathing forms a “fog” on the inside of our visors. It is for this reason that the majority of full face helmets bring a mask, which channels the air of our breathing down, thereby reducing the possibilities of marred.

As you well know, the motorcycle helmets they also bring in a few air tickets, normally at the top and on the sides, whose aim is to circulate outside air through the interior of the same. This reduces the temperature difference between the inside and the outside, which removes the clouded. You need to look at the helmet that we are going to buy have sufficient pipes, although it is difficult to tell by eye if it really will prevent all fogging our visor.


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little we will spending several hundred of euros in a helmet if we feel uncomfortable with him. It is for this reason that we do not recommend the purchase of a helmet without I tried it before for several minutes. We ought to feel at ease or otherwise fatigue will appear very soon, decreasing our concentration and making us enjoy much less or virtually nothing of our trip. By the way, is not other to make sure that their pads are detachable and washable; go with the helmet dirty also contributes to comfort. Here also affects lightness, because if it weighs too much we tired soon.

Careful with the sizes

As in the previous paragraph of the comfort, it is also not advisable to buy a helmet without advising us tested by the size. The helmet should fit snugly, but not tight. A way to check if this is really our size is ponérnoslo and noted that overwhelms us or causes us discomfort, but, if we make fast movements with your head (side to side and up and down), not “dance”.

resistant Materials

We have left to the last point, one of the most important, the resistance in case of impact. There are comparative tables on the resistance (therefore, security) that provide models of helmets in case of a shock. The regulation obliges to overcome a few requirements but, as with everything in life, there are better and worse; and of course, more economic and more expensive. A helmet that costs 100 euros you can overcome the regulatory approval, but be clear that other helmet very similar to the view that costs 600 euros will be more resistant. Here we can only tell you that invirtáis all you can, as a life, or a head injury are much more expensive than 500 or 1,000 euros.