What do you think of this Lexus LX 570 Convertible that is sold in Dubai?


This Lexus LX 570 Cabrio only exists in Dubai

Dubai is a place where the petrodollars make their owners do not know in what to spend the money, so appear certain strange vehicles hand-modified prices irrisoriamente high that it is possible to end up in a garage surrounded by Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Lamborghini. This is the case of a Lexus LX 2016 that has been transformed to a convertible giving as a result an off-roader without a roof of questionable taste.

Sincerely, the transformation to a convertible off-road japanese Lexus seems not to have been too much worked. Have been limited to “cut” is almost literal, the body of the vehicle, leaving intact the A-pillars and B, with cuts clearly visible, and deleted the rest. Capotado the termination does not seem of great quality and we allow ourselves to doubt the sealing of your new canvas roof.

Without the hood the matter does not improve too much since the trunk seems to be “on the air” giving is the appearance of a showered after the second row of seats, not to mention that slit white with the shape of a shark fin sticking out “dangerously” without any sense on the headlight back rear, or misfolded left the hood.


The work is not the finest in terms of customization refers to

the rest of The vehicle is a Lexus LX 570 kilometer zero conventional. Worst of all is that this convertible is worth almost four times its value despite the unfortunate conversion. The LX 570 is priced from $ 88,000 per, while this one-off, and hopefully remain, the cost 1.3 million of the local currency which is equivalent to more than $ 350,000.

┬┐there Will be some careless finished adding this “piece” to your collection? Unfortunately it is possible that this may be so.