What do you want to overtake Bugatti with this teaser of Chiron to Geneva?


New teaser of the Bugatti Chiron.

just a day of the official opening of the Geneva Auto show in march 2018, which begins his journeys from the press tomorrow, march 6, Bugatti has decided to launch an enigmatic teaser in video form.

For the chosen date it is self-evident that this is something new for the shows switzerland, although by the nature of the video presented is very complex to find out what kind of novelty it is. In the video we can only see fragments of the body of the Bugatti Chiron with a game of lights and shadows, very attractive, but that doesn’t let us glimpse more than the silhouettes of certain elements.

What we can see are some portions of the rear hood, the spoiler, concealed or optical, both the front as the rear. Insufficient to be able to know what it is that hides the mark after the psychedelic effects of the video.


The rear hood does not show too much.

┬┐What is going to show a Bugatti in Geneva?. Knowing the policy of trademark is evident, which can be treated in any new version or special edition. For many media, this is the first symptom of the arrival of the variant Chiron Super Sport, the version lightened and enhanced the sporty 16-cylinder, although according to the displayed images, for very likely it is a lot to show off.

we must Not forget the huge amount of special versions and limited editions that enjoyed its predecessor, the Bugatti Veyron, so there is also the possibility that the mark only shows us a custom unit of Chiron, perhaps paying homage to something of the vast historical legacy of the brand. In just a few days, or perhaps hours, we will be able to find out.

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