What does it smell the new Opel Astra? This is AirWellness, the new air freshener of Opel

gone Are the air fresheners of pine hung from the rear view mirror, thank God. The air conditioning systems modern, besides being a great relief for those who suffer from allergies, increasingly equipped systems that are responsible for issuing a fragrance in our car. Opel is not the only brand that has opted for this technology, not even the first brand to use a generalist. We have tested a multitude of cars with fragrance, from a Mercedes S-Class and a BMW Series 7 (see the topic on its fragrance), up to a DS 3. what is the system Air Wellness of the Opel Astra? is it worth to pay around 45€ for him and 8€ (prices in Germany) for the package of four spare parts?

AirWellness is nothing more than an air freshener integrated into the dashboard of the new Opel Astra.

The system chosen by Opel is semi-integrated, since it is based on an additional diffuser, which is not connected to the hvac system. In fact, the system AirWellness required to set up our Opel Astra with the support and charger mobile phone Power Flex. In Spain, Power Flex is included in the package named Basics, which for 160€ includes Power Flex, spare wheel emergency wheel steel 16” and the pack of the smoker.

The system AirWellness is adapted to the support of PowerFlex and emit the fragrance we want when we touch the diffuser. In any case, Opel insists that it is not an air freshener to use, and that the distribution of the fragrance has been optimized for the passenger compartment and distributed in an intelligent way thanks to a system that takes care of heating the sheet that contains the fragrance.

Opel will offer, for the moment, two fragrances: Balancing Green Tea, with an aroma of green tea; and Energizing Dark Wood, with an aroma of wood. It is likely that the range of fragrances to increase in the coming years.

In order to, there seems to be a technology that is too innovative, but interesting. At least this system we will avoid the horrific scene of bringing a pine tree cardboard hanging from the rear view mirror. Which is already a good step forward.

Source: Opel
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