What does the dashboard of a Mercedes E-Class 2016 in eBay?


The dashboard of the Mercedes E-Class 2016 appears on eBay

The Mercedes E-Class 2016 has not been presented yet, however on eBay it has appeared one of its components. Do you remember when we discovered for the first time the headlights of the new Chevrolet Camaro through this page of online auctions? On this occasion, yesterday ended the auction of a box of instruments of the new E-Class.

the basic version of The E-Class has the classic areas of digital

the interior of The E Class 2016 has already been revealed by Mercedes last month, they were blown away by the show of luxury and technology who owned the hatchback segment And that is closer to the impressive Mercedes S-Class which the sedan middle Class C. But not all versions of the E-Class will come equipped with two TFT screens of 12.3 inches, one for the dashboard and another for the center console.

The box of instruments sold on eBay, it is the corresponding to the basic version of the sedan that appears in the classic areas analog for the speedometer and the speed together by a digital screen of small proportions. As the new design of the interior joins in the instrument cluster and central console using a bezel black satin, this presents a hollow to the main screen of a 8.4 inch.


this Is the box of tools of the basic version

where comes this piece? As it happens to us was meant to be part of one of the prototype tests but that was not finally used because it is sold as new item without its original packaging. I don’t think that this is a piece removed illegally as it up displays the tab of the manufacturer Continental in the images. The seller usually have in your inventory loose parts of all kinds of vehicles.

According to the link from eBay, with the sale completed yesterday evening, the piece is located in Hamburg (Germany) which has been assigned to the highest and best bidder for 74 euros + 17 euros of expenditures of shipments. I guess it’s a collector because I doubt that in these moments you lack the piece to a reemplazo.