What does the future hold for General Motors in Europe?


Johan De Nysschen, CEO of Cadillac

2005 was the year of maximum bet for Europe on the part of the then world’s largest manufacturer of automobiles. In that year they were Opel, Vauxhall, Saab, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Hummer on the european continent. As soon as entry into force of the agreement signed with PSA in 2017 will only look Cadillac and a minimum fraction of Chevrolet. ┬íMenuda management, GM!

The directive of the giant Detroit has been unable to dominate Europe and has preferred to sell their brands, volume, or remove them, or leave them to die. GM wants to concentrate on north America, China and the Middle East, where things work (and don’t work precisely wrong).

In Europe, General Motors has a role that is not discreet, almost insignificant, if we do not consider neither Opel nor Vauxhall. throughout 2016 were sold 781 Cadillacs (+33%) and 1.800 Corvettes and Camaros. For a market of 15 million units a year is just that, insignificant. GM is still the world’s third largest manufacturer, but the indications are that in 2017 it will drop to the fourth position, and this step, to the fifth soon.

Sales of Cadillac by markets 2016 2015 Variation
USA 170.006 175.267 -3%
China 116.406 79.779 +45,9%
Canada 12.162 12.249 -0,7%
Middle East 4.220 5.136 -17,8%
Rest of the world 5.898 5.426 +8.7% in
Total 308.692 277.857 +11,1%

Comments friendly the sales data of Cadillac in the year 2016. To overcome the 300,000 units is not bad, in fact is the best result of Cadillac in 30 years. More than one will ask, what about Europe? Does not exist, are included within “Rest of world”. There are 45 dealerships dedicated to Cadillac in the old continent. You are ambitious to exceed 5,000 units last 2.020.

To put these figures in context, the Ferrari placed in Europe 3.610 units in 2016, and Bentley, which also is characterized by to sell cars that are affordable, made 2.676 sales. By the way, the objective of 5,000 units includes the Corvette and Camaro, is not the Cadillac of isolation. Ask the audience, how many Cadillac’s have you seen on the street in the last 12 calendar months? Do any of them?

According to ANFAC, enrolled 1 Chevrolet in 2016 in Spain, and 0 Cadillac

Cadillac is officially established in Spain, has a network of 10 centers, and the Web page is not even in our language. There is also no translation of its Website in the united States, where the hispanic community is significantly large and safe that few can afford to own a Cadillac. Is a case worthy of study.


Cadillac XTS

we Can make a comparison very valid with Infiniti, a brand that is relatively unknown, but that has its Website in Spanish, you have a product more suited to our tastes and also has a commercial network is very small. In Europe we speak about 16,000 units in 2016, in Spain were 1.231 units (virtually all of them were Q30 or QX30).

If the goal of Cadillac was to be a competition reasonable against the triad German (Audi, BMW and Mercedes), which have 85% of the market premium european, are light years away from achieving this. The numbers speak, to have a Cadillac is more exclusive than having a Ferrari or a Bentley, virtually no one has one, its market share is symbolic.

I’m very Much afraid that this is going to continue like that in a long season, because Cadillac is committed to marketing in Europe as models designed primarily for american, chinese, or arabs. The last time Cadillac tried to take products to the european taste was with the broken CTS and BLS. Because do not look or disguise who or what they try to.


Range Cadillac 1976, its last year really golden

Cadillac is a shadow of what it was, if you are removed from the equation the sales to arabs and chinese, who in 1986 just bought cars of this mark, the results aren’t good. It was 1976 was the best year for Cadillac, with 309.139 units, virtually all in north America. Comparisons are odious, I’m afraid.

The Camaro and Corvette are another story, they have their public

Ford has been able to capitalize much better the Mustang as an asset that is sellable in the old continent,15.300 in Europe last year. In other words, for every Camaro sold about 9 Mustang. Something is making certifiably wrong in the commercial policy Premium from General Motors.

How true these numbers are acceptable to the third largest manufacturer in the world, in the third world market most important in the world? Definitely not. General Motors wants to profitability, not volume. It is clear, if the volume is not your thing, at least, not to lose money with the adventure. After the sale to PSA, General Motors will not have any factory in Europe.