What Dudabas of Kia? The best brand in the studies of initial quality

The past year, 2016 us we had a pleasant surprise when J. D. Power presented the results on their study of initial quality; a study performed annually. For the first time a brand not premium led this study. Asian brand Kia left the car firm more reliable in the first 90 days of use, with only 83 problems per 100 cars (may seem like a lot, but it is considered a problem causes very mild).

The case is that it seems that last year was not much less is a mirage, because in this 2017 the signature south Korean has gone on to be crowned as the most reliable brand in the first 90 days. In addition, we must note that it has dramatically improved the outcome in 2016, because now the data have been recorded an average of 72 faults per 100 cars in those first three months of use. It is quite an achievement, because it is the the first time that a brand gets such a good outcome.

Still has more merit that these studies are not done only on one unit, but removing the average of all units tested. It should not surprise us, since the models Soul, Forte, Cadenza, Niro and Sorento have led also their respective categories. The Soul takes three years, leading its category while the Cadenza and Niro are beginners, so that is not bad to start with good foot. To highlight that, in turn, the Cadenza has been in the car with the best score of all examinees in the study. It analyzes the responses of more than 77,000 users, with 243 models.

, Logically, Kia is very proud of all the results obtained and of being, for the second consecutive year, the best mark in this study of initial quality. Michael Spreague, Director of Operations and EVP at Kia Motors America, said: “last year, when Kia beat all the industry in the study IQS, J. D. Power, many people wondered if we could maintain a position so remarkable. Today, the answer has been clear. Kia has been awarded the first position for the second consecutive year and has had more winners in their segments than any other brand”.

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