What electric revolution? The next Toyota Aygo will be a pure electric

Toyota Aygo x-cite

Toyota Aygo x-cite in yellow color.

If we consider that between the release of the first and second generation Toyota Aygo have spent almost ten years we may think it is too soon to start talking of the third generation of the small urbanite Toyota, let’s remember, it shares much more than its components with the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108. And is that, according to published our friends from AutoExpress, new generation of the Aygo will represent a genuine revolution electrical.

¿what we are talking about? As to the new Toyota Aygo will be terminated on the mechanics of internal combustion to give way to an electric motor. So, it will be marketed exclusively as an electric car. However, and to jump into the market of the electric vehicle with the next Aygo, Toyota would break its agreement of collaboration with the PSA Group.

In the wake of some statements made by Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota in Europe, it has come to the conclusion that for the segment, where the Toyota Aygo is the bet of the japanese firm, will opt for mechanical 100% electrical rather than making use of the weighted hybrid technology from Toyota. In addition, Zyl has confirmed that they already have some prototypes electrical testing in Europe.

Toyota Aygo x-cite

Toyota Aygo x-cite in blue color x-cyan

while the CEO of Toyota in Europe has been somewhat ambiguous in some issues when asked directly about the possibility of the new Toyota Aygo electrical and to break the agreement of collaboration with the PSA Group and by the what are shared expenses, making the Aygo, alongside the Citroën C1 and Peugeot 108 at the same factory. By contrast, Gerald Killman, Head of Research and Development for Toyota Europe, has been very clear in this respect, leaving the door open to the launch of this small electric car.

“it Is clear that we see the possibilities of a Toyota Aygo electric. However, only time will tell when it makes sense to launch a vehicle of these characteristics. We are being very careful about the steps we are taking in what the electric car is concerned, but yes, we will develop it”.

Linda Jackson, Head of Citroën, has been questioned by the possibility that the trio of city cars to take the jump to electric mobility or that it will break the agreement of collaboration with Toyota. In any case, Jackson has said that currently it makes sense to launch an electric car of small size for urban mobility, and place it as a second family vehicle. Let us recall that currently the Toyota Aygo is available next to a engine 1.0-litre VTT-r coupled to a manual gearbox or automated manual.