What FOM has entered to every team in F1 in 2017

FOM (Formula One Management) now owned by Liberty Media has delivered this year the revenue paid by the revenue that has been earned throughout the world from the media who pay for issue this sport. That money is split a little way just between the teams, with emphasis on occasions, more extras for be historical computers or for having won that world by the points earned and the given action on the track to the viewer.

The payments made by the FOM to the teams are divided into several columns, one of them are the points obtained during season F1 2017 as I have said, but there are also plus for the world title. Ferrari is the only team that receives in addition a bonus for long-term in F1 does, and they say that they want to go? Not believe it or them… And that is without counting the help that has already been confessed on the part of Bernie Ecclestone by active and passive that are always of the FIA trying to help or benefit them in some way.

you Can see curious data like that Ferrari always seems to be the more money it takes is where it is in the world for these special bonuses, or other equipment, despite the points scored and win the world not exceed it. Since then, I agree that some teams historic leven a little more of the pie, but not that it is so extremely unfair for the small teams, because in this way they are always going to be small.

well, all the millions of pounds earned by the assignment of the rights of F1 are distributed in this way:

#8211; #8211;
Team Money (million of euros)
Ferrari 202
Mercedes 192
Red Bull 182
McLaren 109
Williams 89
Force India 81
Toro Rosso 66
Renault 58.5
Sauber 55
Haas 21

With this article I dismissal of 2017 and I wish all the readers of AM a happy Old Night and, above all, that 2018 is a good year for all of us: full of health first of all to be able to enjoy the love, and that luck accompany us also with hopes, new projects, whether personal or work-always accompanied by all those to whom we are. ¡¡¡Happy 2018!!!

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