What Ford Kuga RS on the way? The brand is studying to extend the range RS with several SUVS

Ford Focus RS

Ford is studying expanding its range of RS models with several SUVS.

All comes in the wake of some statements made by David Pericak, Director, Global Ford Performance, a specialized medium. The high office of the us firm stated the need to attend to the request of their customers, both american and european. In recent years, speaking of RS within the Ford is a synonym for Focus RS. The compact american has been the epitome of sportsmanship and the radical nature of the brand.

however, the changes of market trend and the movements that are making other brands like Audi and their great commitment to the sport versions of some of the SUV’s more popular, they are making at Ford you begin to study and analyze the possibility of extend your RS-family, with several SUV. And the model best positioned for “the kick off” is the Ford Kuga.

it is Still too soon to state categorically that in the future we will see a Ford Kuga RS in the dealerships. Although it is evident that the comments of Pericak offer a glimpse of a future offensive SUVs, sports and high-performance. Models like the Ford Edge or EcoSport are other faithful candidates to have a variant for RS. The american manufacturer has a wide range SUV, so you have several alternatives by which to choose when developing a new Ford RS.

Ford Kuga 2017

The Ford Kuga is the front-runner to be the first to receive the variant RS.

“We have seen both the united States and in other markets which are more and more people looking for a car look aggressive. Many drivers want a vehicle of sporty look but with the strength and capacity of an SUV or pick-up. I am sure that lovers of the SUV’s would appreciate the high performance versions”.

“there Are many manufacturers that have tried to build a high performance SUV but the truth is that there are no genuine models on the market that meet all these qualities, I believe that there is a business opportunity in this niche market”.

But, where would be the limit of Ford with respect to its offensive of new models in RS? The own David Pericak notes that vehicles like the new Ford Expedition 2018 could not have this kind of variants because of that, although you can add a body kit, different cosmetic adjustments and increase power of the engine, it really would not provide a sporty driving experience. In any case, Ford wants to to increase the number of members that make up its line RS, but without diluting its image. The brand will continue betting on the quality and not the quantity.