What four-cylinder engine and 420 HP? Audi seems to ignore it for the moment

Audi TT quattro Sport Concept

Audi TT quattro Sport Concept

two years Ago, it was presented the Audi TT quattro Sport Concept, a prototype that surprised by what they wore under the hood. A turbo engine 2.0-litre four-cylinder that developed a power disproportionate to its size. It came with 420 HP and 450 Nm and we did ask ourselves where would the downsizing. Even began to speculate that this mechanism could reach to a model of production in the future, for example the Audi TT RS.

Although eventually this model was presented and opted for a engine 2.5-liter five-cylinder. And this is a sign that the brand of the four rings for the moment waive to the project that encouraged the block EA888. The reason would be no different than the one that has motivated the VAG Group is removed from the head to the Volkswagen Golf R400. The Dieselgate is still leaving a footprint in the German giant.

Audi TT quattro Sport Concept

Audi TT quattro Sport Concept

What is certain is that it would have been funny getting to know that a four-cylinder engine with only 2.0 liters to exceed 400 HP. The closest thing we found in a model of the street is the 2.0 TFSI 310 HP in the Audi TTS. Although according to the head of engineering at quattro, Stephan Reil, many of the innovations that he brought have been incorporated directly into the 2.5 TFSI from the TT RS. He added that the costs of making a four-cylinder of these features would have been higher.

While discarded small motors, as you think of other mechanical for sports models. Now that the atmospheric V8 4.2-liter has also been removed, put the watch in the new V6 turbo that came with the Porsche Panamera. Apparently the Audi RS4 and RS5 could benefit from these blocks 2.9, and 3.0 liters with a power that would still be seen. It is also the bet for a future Audi R8 V6.

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