What gutierrez and Grosjean in the NASCAR?


On several occasions pilots of different categories have exchanged their machines with the aim of providing media presence to their respective sponsors or teams. And, on this occasion, the union’s most evident is that of the respective teams as Gene Haas in NASCAR and Formula 1. In this regard, both pilots have been shown excited with the idea of getting on a car so antagonistic that handle usually.

“it Would be fun”, said Romain Grosjean to NBC Sports when he was asked about the subject. “I don’t know when or where it might be done, but it would be great. I sat down in one of the cars when I went to the factory of Kannapolis. Is very large, but it would be amazing.

For his part, Esteban Gutierrez also was delighted with the idea, confirming that you have spoken with Gene Haas. “once in a while we discussed it, it would be very interesting to do it and test the car, see the differences”, highlighting the concept is so different that both cars have. Technically, it is a very different car to the NASCAR”, focusing in addition on the mode to do things for Haas in Formula 1, something clearly influenced by his experience in the united States. “you can’t compare it to the approach that they have in terms of business model is very good, very different. The knowledge that they bring from the NASCAR will help to change a little the approach that many teams have in Europe. It can only be good”.

Formula 1 continues in the united States its pending and there have been various voices in the paddock which have ensured that the presence of Haas in the category would lead to greater acceptance in the north american country.