What happens if you deploy an airbag in your face while you use your iPhone?

Is an experiment unlikely. There is no doubt this. We don’t even have it clear that to be able to prove something, beyond offering a series of airbags exploding, and mobile iPhone 6S flying through the air. This video, from the channel EverythingApplePro, is intended to deter us from using our phone while we drive. Which is always a valuable tip. To do this, they have created a series of simulations which is shown as explodes an airbag, and its consequences on a mobile phone, or a can of soft drink Red Bull.

The video ends up becoming a version posh of videos of russians doing crazy things, combined with a new generation of viral destruction of iPhone.

With the first experiment, an airbag exploding with a can of Red Bull attached with american tape, since I figured that the thing was not going to go well. No I was wrong. The experiment of an airbag exploding out of a car, and without any restraint, does not show absolutely nothing. The process is repeated later, this time with an iPhone 6S, first outdoors, and then locked with the airbag in a safe metal. The consequences can imaginártelas. Until now, the only thing they had shown is that the airbag explode with so much violence.

All of these tests end up turning into a version posh, with many mobile iPhone to tear apart, and a few drivers, one installed in the steering wheel of an old Porsche 911, to burst, videos of russians doing crazy so popular were made in the era of Youtube. Something like a mashup of these videos with a new generation of intelligent forms, or perhaps ridiculous, trashing an iPhone.

risks of file objects, or in the extremities, between the airbag and our face, are clear. And the risks of typing in the mobile phone while driving are greater than the damage that we can cause the air bag.

In his last test, the situation, at least has improved. The airbag is tested installed in a steering wheel real, in the interior of a Porsche 911, and you try to test on a sort of dummy with limbs of wood and a turkey in the head. The result is not as spectacular as in the previous cases, the shock of the dummy on the phone, and about the turkey that represents the head, is important. In any case, does not seem to have correctly identified the risks that we face if we use our mobile phones while we drive. The severity of accidents that can confront us, ranging from head-on collisions, until leaving the road, is far superior to the impact of a mobile phone thrown by an airbag.

on the other hand, does not cease to be one more proof of the risks of file objects, or in the extremities, between the airbag and our body. The airbag of the driver are designed to move with the hands on the rim of the steering wheel. In such a case, the airbag may cause some lacerations in the face, chest, and arms, which are always better than crashing our face with a steering wheel. If the airbag deploys when we have the hand holding a mobile phone, or resting on the center of the steering wheel, the likelihood of a fracture in your arm is really high.

The same thing we have to take into account if you travel for companions. The practice of travel lying down with your legs propped up on the dashboard is sufficiently dangerous for a minor accident, which required that they deploy the airbag front, can cost you a spinal cord injury is irreversible.

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