What happens if you leave a truck in the hands of a 4 years old girl? (with video)

¿Qué pasa si dejas un camión en manos de una niña de 4 años? (con vídeo)there is No doubt that in the marketing department of Volvo Trucks are experts in creating videos cute, funny and above all, viral. From the jokes to a valet, Van Damme opening of legs, no one is indifferent. The last one of the department trucks, the Swedish firm has been one of the most daring, leave a truck in the hands of a little girl of four years.

The latest viral video of the brand is called “Look Who’s Driving” (Look who leads) and has as its protagonist Sophie Brown, of four years. She is in charge of the remote control a truck Volvo FMX 8×6 of 18 tonnes and total traction by a circuit of evidence specifically prepared for the occasion. There are not a few obstacles to overcome in the journey, but nothing happens if anyone gets in the way.


The objective of this last video ad of Volvo Trucks is clear, make known the capacity and resistance of their trucks. Each one of the videos of the brand is to enhance different qualities of the kings of the road. The strength of the Volvo FMX is evident, as the truck hits several obstacles from the front, hit in the low and even reaches to turn of the bell. Best of all is the face of Sophie when it enters in mode DESTRUCTION.

Who had four years and the possibility of controlling such a truck from a remote control.

¿Qué pasa si dejas un camión en manos de una niña de 4 años? (con vídeo)

did Not withhold, we have a lot of envy of Sophie


Source – Volvo